Jul 20, 2013

Ramadan Kareem + Trial PMR

Ahlan wasahlan assalamualaikum. 
Hari ni hari ke-11 kita berpuasa and malam ke-12 kita tarawikh. Im so glad to have loved ones around and have iftar togetha in this meaningful and beautiful month where there is one night which is called lailatul qadar night. Everyone would love to have it. But I wonder how to get it, what should I do, how could we know that we are the 'lucky one'? Well instead of thinking about these, can we just practice and do some good things WITHOUT thinking about the reward. 

We can't count pahala yang kita dapat cos' we cant see it. And of course kalau kita nampak, dah lama manusia berlumba-lumba nak buat kebaikan. *atas apa yang my dearest teachers ceramah*. Then, maybe aku patut khatam al quran dalam bulan ramadan ni, solat tarawikh, solat hajat n tahajjud, or apa-apa perkara yang mendatangkan pahala. Ive planned it before but ada something yang menghalang aku nak buat benda-benda tu. NAFSU. Eh. Takkan la nak study pun nafsu. 

Haha my main point is trial pmr yang official nya jatuh pada tanggal 29/7. Seriously aku tak rasa apa-apa. Yang best and terujanya sebab nak dekat nak raya (walaupun lagi 2 minggu lebih). Well aku dah start download dah lagu-lagu raya. Semangat yang penting hikks. Yang penting and pokoknya, kenapa bulan puasa? Kenapa bukan lepas raya? why? tell me why *it's so hard to forget, dont remind me* Okay firstly, penat la kan sebab puasa. Secondly, kami baru je exam pra pmr. Rehat 2 minggu, exam coming back. 

Oh ya, jangan jadikan bulan puasa ni sbg alasan tak nak belajar la or whatsoever. But, frankly speaking, aku penat belajar. Aku bukan jenis orang yang belajar sikit, lekat dah dekat kepala otaknyeer. Sorry, am not as genius as that. And Im tired of everyone's shoutout on asking me to study. Cos Im tired T.T aint going to face the books for *max* 24/7. Hellow you really dont know of what am i doing in the room. sigh at her best. I am perfectly imperfect. At least, Ive tried my very best to get 93% in maths but nay for history and geography. :'( really bad in memorizing something. 

thinking of posting something yang berkaitan dengan ramadhan la kan sebab musim nya sekarang. Tup tup, pasal PMR lah pulak. well aku sendiri tak percaya. Pmr iz so 2013. c: Rather bend then break. Choose the best path with full of efforts and work hard for it. #quoteoftheday haha?

One of my bias. Kim Jong In a.k.a. Kai. Dont judge a book by its cover. dont judge him by his cute lil nose. U guys should watch music bank or kpop inkigayo, WOLF by EXO. IT'S AWESOME! DAEBAK I REALLY LOVE IT. KAI IS THE BEST DANCER EVA. IT'S DIFFERENT AND WOULD SAY THAT IT'S SOMETHING NEW FOR ME *cos it's totally different with other kpop groups muaa* LAST YA, IT IS PRETTY COOL WITH ALL THE SOUND EFFECT OF WOLVES *AUUUU*. k once you watch it, you'll get it. 

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