Aug 15, 2013

As Expected ..

Hai. What is up? I know nobody wouldn't answer it. I know. But can I talk to myself? Cos' I was having a really bad day plus the boredom strikes anyway. So, imagination is not a sin. 

Today, there was a holly accident incident which I was so upset and the thing gave me a huge meltdown and mental breakdown. There was a story (well i thought is was a drama but i've believed it that it was so damn true and it happened in my real life). I shouldn't tell it here cos' my statistic is increasing tehee and one of my readers might be my suspect. I am not going to talk about that drama story right now. 

Now, it's about my dearest phone has been 'touched' by my little sister. She's not too young cos' she's 11. Well, of course she can use her brain to decide which is the correct path and which is the bad one? (cehs, staring to the path to the future kahkah) Okay, since I have so many things that i do not want to share with anyone including my family and of course with my siblings, I've set a pattern to unlock my phone. I know it's my fault that I am too secretive? But for my sake, hee i should defend my right cos' it's my phone. Lol *nama je smartphone, tapi tak smart mana pun* 

Yes. Because of too many different patternz, I have to unlock it by signing in my google account. You know, my lil sis has tried on for so many different patterns and it ended like this. I can't get back to the lock. And it kept asking me to sign it. sobs How can i dont know my google account. *so whose account did i use to install le' apps? curious aaah* Oh god, I really dont know T.T At that time, I can only scream all the time cos' I dont have any idea on how to unlock it. Thanks lil sis, for trying for so many patterns. Like could you ask me what is the CORRECT PATTERN? Melampaulah lah macam ni, dik. I've try to restart it, try signing in with i think more that 10 different accounts. YOLO it was not working at all. So, i just sent it to the shop and a night without phone is so-not-cool. 

Kena reformat balik, and the price pon boleh tahan jugak mahal. Bertambah sedihnya lagi, esok nak hang out dengan kawan lama. And of course, i need a phone. Yknow, instagram's waiting for our pics. if you know what I mean..

So, I hope i can get my phone back by tomorrow. Oh i really need it! T.T One night without phone. That is all. 

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