Nov 13, 2013


These days, the peeps keep busying on observing people. Think they've tried so hard to know what are we wearing. Struggling much to care about us. Um thank you.

Even in the public washroom at the mall, when we are tidying up the shawls, seems like there were some huge eyes looking at us. Well, if you are up on something, tell us. Gladly, I would answer it perfectly. Don't look at me like there is something funny and irritating. The thing is you guys. Wanna have a sightseeing? The first step is take a mirror. Then, look at yourselves. 

Nope. Just I am wondering why the Malayzian like to stare at the people when there is something weird (which it is not weird at all. maybe they take it 'weirdiously' like there is someone from the weirdest country ever). I feel like I've done something wrong um like killing someone. Well it is. Seriously, why you guys are so kind to mind about the peeps. 

Well maybe that's the problem. I feel like the whole crowd are staring at me. *please am innocent*. Maybe I am the one who think that I am in an uncomfortable situation. While the peeps are having fun criticising about the other things. Woh that's my weakness which I feel like I've done something bad and everyone think that I'm such an annoying person. Perhaps what. 

That's the point. Just don't care about anyone's perception if only you think that you are right enough to do something. Yeah. Maybe jealousy strikes and they couldn't bear enough to ugh "I want that handbag too". Um I don't know. I've been thinking for a while why should I think about them while they are happily doing their stuff and I keep wondering what is my mistake? Oh sorry, what ARE my mistakes? 

^^ Trying to be a super-whatever person which I am trying to get off the stupidity and shitty things in myself. Choose to be happy.

Lol I think I am too over writing this while no one cares!

Lets rock out and act like we dont care! Yole
credit to favim


  1. Gang yole! Wohh kami yole, kami takkan berpisah. K

  2. Oyeahhh peeps! Aummm l

    Kekha Manis


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