Jan 10, 2015


So im going back to school approximately 7 hours from now. sigh.
You dont have any idea whats going on with me.
I cried.
I screamed.
There were tears on the sheet.
Im not even ready for this.
And im done hopping for the things that arent coming.
I set my mind and my heart that im doing this because of Allah.
I worked this hard just for my parents, my family, who else?

I waited for so long.
But it was just a waste.
They didnt know how tired was i,
how sad was i.
They didnt see the real me.
How i was struggling to get an attention.
They just didnt know that i was counting on them.
I prepared something and it was just a piece of shit now.
I shouldnt have do that at the first place.
But how can I stop for being someone's plan B.
7 hours are just 7 minutes for me though.
Im so pathetic.


thanks for reading this post ♥