Feb 20, 2015

CNY be like

I feel useless
well normally, my useless is not so useless. Because somehow i feel im valuable lol im not a thing (pronounced as tsing). 
Could you help me?
Every single day, i feel those negative vibes. where did they come from idk  dont ever ask me that silly question.
im not in a good mood. i still got a lot of work to be done. im hell lazyh so dont freak out mom, if my first test result is gonna be as bad as you couldnt imagine bcs i didnt study. maybe i will start changing after a few more days, after the positive vibes have come to me , that lovestruck (towards chemistry) sorry i slept in each chemistry class. um there is a difference between a chemist and chemistry. google it or i would say that you are lazy. 

This is a new me i think. I changed a bit. ive gained weight. so what. people told me that i grew cheeks a lot and seemed like a potato with tomato cheeks thanks i love you. i dont wanna be skinny bcs for me it's weird and fatty gal is likeable by those lads haha i think so bcs no fats, no desire (no offence but ive read this once so i guess it is acceptable)

I feel lame bcs i cant get updated to current environmental issues or political issues lol kidding i prefer those vs fashion shows. and on the day i came back home, i just knew that style mv would be published on last friday and how come i didnt know that. swiftie didnt go well hurm. plus i lost my phone. tsk. this year is a really tough year. 

In my class, theres a guy who is always trynna join my conversation well bullshot im not talking to you. and all the things tht came out from him is all those sarcasms tht was hell obnoxious. judgemental detected and whoaaa he sits beside me in the class ( i mean a metre away but still, i can smell his dark desire ) no no you hv to change yours. 

what else? oh i think im so clingy. not to mention that i love to lay my head on anyone's shoulder when whoever sits beside me or gets attach to me except guys bcs im loveable :D So, if you want free hugs, come to me babeh. no seriously, some may hate me bcs of my clingy passion lol ok but im trying. im so yknow, UH YOU HVE TO UNDERSTAND ME BCS IM CLINGY JUST IT IS

holla yes im addicted to beautiful disaster by jamie mcguire. it is kinda cheesy but i loike that. it is not as bad as 50 shades of grey but it is 20% of my relationship goals. so, read it or you can cut yourself bcs of your stupidity. 

thats all i think im bored. everyone doesnt wanna talk to me rn idk why. maybe bcs its already3.30 am. but idc. if you wanna talk to me, i would to. bcs maybe ill not be able to talk to you (just in case if im dead tsk) wallahualam. bye whud is still hv my loyal viewers you gotta leave now xoxo

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