Feb 21, 2015

Kinda Random

HI Happy Chinese New Year! I almost forgot to wish that. So, have a blast chinese! I just finished reading my entire blog. LOL i laughed so hard bcs i dont know tht i was that noob, that stupid. puberty did it i turned into a woman (can i classify me as a woman im not a teenager anymore). 

My grammar was very bad and i used bombastic vocab wrongly stupid. Okay actually i just got back from jaya jusco being mom's companion to buy those gifts and preparations for our upcoming family gathering. (naw im partially excited yknow why it is partially?). It will be held on 14th march and i will come back home exactly a day before that date so i will not have time to buy the whle attire for that dinner (esp the theme is black and white with the vogue style uh whatever) so, i need to buy some clothes and i searched for them in the whole mall but i cant find my fav one. seriously, aint kidding. i was not that choosy but the stock out there is quite unsophisticated and ugh i didnt suit me well. 

so... i think that was acceptable. so i was quite disappointed since tomorrow morning i have to go back to school. so, i guess i just wear the old one i dont care i dont have mood for that i just wanna have fun and eat and duh i need some peace. or i need to rebel *smirking* pls make it fast. in just another 3 weeks, i will taste home back. thank you thank you i know ya guys are so excited to meet me hm. no.

so my point here is i had a very bad day. everything didnt go well. i swear my room is horribly in a mess. SO YOU! COME TO MY ROOM AND HALPH ME. mr grey, could you? hehe no, okay no no. i havent complete my homework yet im so brilliant give me an applause. ok bye. 

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