May 3, 2015

in the phase of 'love me like you do'

Hi there?
This is not fair! I only have 2 days at home whereas ive been tormented for about 2 months at school this is not fkfair!
i didnt even bring homework, books and everything. form 5 life is about holding books all the time. once mom caught me without any book (even 50 shades of grey) she will be blabbing saying all those nonsense stuff about future (she wanted me to be a doctor so bad insyaAllah). But i am trying. its not as simple as you think since i just got 60 for me biology. its awful to be one. not to mention that my physics was sixth feet underground. 

well actually i dont know how to attract people with interesting entries. Honestly, im not a good writer but i can write about my pathetic life in which shit happens everyday. stupid isnt it? im sick of busybees busybodies. they are hella annoying. 

i dont have anything to write because im all tiredand i want to pack my things, charge my phone, daydreaming, yknow what? thats the only thing that can make me happy. daydreaming. it is not too bad. but by imagining something, you tend to release your freaking stress up to 60% (this is my own fact). ive experienced this somehow. uh okay bye i need to find my stuff out there and idk where did put those. whatever 

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