Jun 1, 2015

juicy. so juicy.

I did tell you about reincarnation right?
well yes, ive read a book about it. its not that the whole book is about reincarnation. a part of it. but the most attracting thing that ive discovered is about the one. the true love. lol you must think that im such a kid whos trying to be like a real adult whos talking about the one. i wont kid myself people.

so what ive read is not in the history text book nor biology textbook. Reincarnation happened when a soul, i repeat, 1 soul reborn in 2 different body. in a different generation in a different family. obviously, they wont know their  past lives. but what im so eager about is their soulmate. their soulmate will be the same soul as their past lover. but the thing is they dont even know in which body that the soul came in. Interesting right? 

first off, its about the soulmate. when you feel happy and you can be yourself when youre with him, i mean the guts to act like a dumb blonde is there, so he is the one. But im wondering, what if he feels the opposite way as she feels. its complicated somehow so, i tried to figure it out and i found that it was a dead end. we will never know the real feeling of our loved one. until they speak up the truth, genuinely. So, whats that book? it's 'love at second sight'. i cant totally get over it. if feels like im the girl and i try to trigger out which is the one. i completely not understand about someone that has mixed juicy feelings. sometimes, they can be so kind to us. sometimes, they act like a totally stranger. i found that it is kinda eerie. they can change drastically whenever they want or not. 

you know when you have that kind of gobsmacked feeling but then it doesnt happen. anticipation doesnt get in your lucky side bruh. im writing this bcs i hate a part of my life. not all. some part of it that i feel so tired, i could say that im lethargic of being an idiot hoping for the things that arent coming. lol its not a kinda sigh. i dont know where to vomit all of ths bs they will always judge. okay ill listen but not about the things that i didnt even do. ssup.

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