Dec 31, 2015


Hello. First off, happy new year! I hope for a better one in this 2016 yea more blessings. I dont know what should i feel right now. I am not quite happy because i cant just leave my memories in '15 to be faded away, just like that. Whether they were the bad one, or the good one. I just missed the memories that ive been through out all the year. 

The funniest part is, i wished my best friends at the peak hour, which was at 0000. And yea because i love them, with all my heart. But, i just got one from my former indian friend. He just sent me a new year wish and just that. Yea not to mention their reply wish, hehe i got that but right after i wished first. I am kinda sad and i dont even know why. Early 2016 is not as good as early 2015. I feel, lonely? yup, i need someone to unlonely me haha? well, i just need to hit the sack and hope for a better dream right but come on, it is new year dude, you should not give your body a comforting comforter and pillows. Well the movies are hell boring and i havent get back my hard disk. Its already 2016 dude, when do you want to return bak my hard disk, moron. Uh, everyone sucks.. I am honestly, genuinely hate right now. It is just super boring, and everyone was hell busy with their smartphone, and I dont hv one (yea excluding whatsapp. just whatsapp. i just hv that in my phone since i lost my cell last year). Perhaps i should read a book. :( something is just not right. and it ruins my kind of new day, new year? bye guys, hv a blast.

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