Jun 16, 2016

Hello Gambang

Assalamualaikum sisters brothers (lol this is iium style).
So finally, here I am, stuck on the other side of the world. Just kidding. I feel blessed. So, i've just finished my taaruf week or tawe for short. There are too much of differences here, i couldnt tell all. But the thing is this cfs is completely diff with other uni. I dont know yours but i can tell it by seeing my friends being in theirs.
So guys, i believe if you are here, u will feel the strength of the Islam and the ummah. Im actually not that religious but most of them here, are quite yes. So, it gives me impact and slowly, i could change a bit by bit. This is such a good place, for me.
My first day was horrible. I left a lot of important stuffs at home. Yeah Ipoh-Gambang takes 7-8 hours so i have to wait for a long break for me to go home. Sobs. I left my pillow, my bank acc book, and a lot more. I dont know why this thing happen to me everytime i go to somewhere far away from home. But anyway, i just deal with it. Who needs two pillows? Ceh. *lowkey yes*. Anyway, i am at floor level 2 per 5. So yea i am quite lucky for this sem hehe. Nonetheless ive to move out to the upper level by the next sem because that is the way it is.
We actually have four people in a room but mine got only 3. I bet the 'MIA' one was lost in PJ (for art programmes). Maybe she didnt look out for the latest offer letter which allied health sc prog was changed from PJ to Gambang. In Gambang, there are only biological programmes. Alhamdulillah, i got very kind-hearted roommates and we are all good. Godamnit, one of them is med student and the other one is in nursing. I feel small here. The most shocking thing for me was we only have one marhallah here where bros and sis are all in one marhallah. And the blocks for bros and sis are combined. We only got a few unlocked doors which separate us. Interesting huh? Hahaha. Thats why i was quite surprised bcs we live under the same roof. And at the stairs, we got cctvs so we have to cover our aurah fully whenever we go out of our rooms. Sigh
Well actually, we got some other mahallahs here but we could use only one. Yet. And dont ask me why.So, for now we just have two buildings that can be used which are the marhallah and the admin building (classes) only. Whatever it is, they are all good. Let me show u some of the pictures.
So, during tawe, it was not too tiring and we're actually not packed with lots of activities. Just a few motivational talks and a few test to sort us into classes and groups and how many years do we have to be in cfs (1 year or 1 and a half year). I could say that I had enough sleep through out the week + now is the ramadan month. No shouting from the commeetees yet they were very kind.
So we end the tawe by attending a baiah ceremony (baiah means ikrar). Ofc we have to do rehearsal for more than 5 times yea, thats kinda sleepy but in the end, during the actual ceremony, u will be getting goosebumps because you're officially an IIUM student. People will insist that oh come on, that is just a normal thing about orientation week but for me, nah. I feel proud somehow. And homesick hahahaha.
So actually i dont have a lot to tell you guys because there were not much of activities that we had. Oh yea, on my second day, we had to be seated for the english test, arabic test, fundamental knowledge test (fardu ain) and tilawah entrance test. And some of the test result are out todayyyyyyy. Im not excited actually. Just so you know, only for those who manage to achieve level 5,6 or exempted from the english test could have a 1 year foundation but the rest of them will finish their foundation studies after one and a half year. And there are pro and cons for each of these. Lol and for arabic, for sc students, we only have to learn arabic till level 2. And yea during the test, i answered none. Hehe because i dont have the basic. Yass you may leave the room after 15 minutes if you want to. And i was the third one to leave. Coolidat huh.
So i'll tell the result later or never haha. Im having homesick actually. Everytime i wake up from bed, i kinda overthink about my sibs, my mom and home. Idk why do i behave like this. Im big alr zzzzz. K I gotta go. I'll update soon! Syukran :)
I wake up to this every morning yeay

Nah this is a part from my compartment in the room. Beautiful isnt it? Yea so comfy and i really love it (minus the exact location of this cfs which is in the middle of the jungle lol). Infact, i dont have a place to hang out. Kuantan is 1 hour away sobs and we have to go by bus so yea. 

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