Dec 23, 2016

3 Days Before Finals

*keep on replaying dirgahayu by faizal tahir and dato siti*

Not a kind of girl who listen to malay songs frequently but what so ever, i started to like it :p Not all, but generally, some are acceptable. And you know, the way faizal tahir sings, oh god, it was such an eargasm. *okay tryna avoid from being so high*.

Well, i am actually running out of ideas of what i wanted to write but i wanted to write so much because i like too. Sorry guys haha. 

There was a time, when you really like someone, but you could not get to know him/her more. It feels like you are in your own world imagining things that are not happening literally. It takes two to tango. You realize that they are not meant for you, they do not even care about you or perhaps they do not even realize the tiny existence of you yet, you are still hoping and hoping. Is that possible? You know the truth, you know what's happening but you still try to assume that 'perhaps something good is happening, perhaps it is just my bizarre feeling'. is that even true? 

Lol why am i like this. Why do i used to thinking about this stuff. Bet it is too early for me. But you know, I cannot resist it. And i cannot fathom my own feeling at all. It is acidic and dangerous. Like no one could play with it. Guess i should be sleeping/studying right now. Sorry everyone. Wallahualam.

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