Feb 18, 2017

no not this tyme

Assalamualaikum and hi to all!
Yass today is Friday, so it basically means dear-books-pls-get-out-of-my-sight- day lol just kidding. I was called to write here (again?) because I feel like I wanna share this one to you guys. 

Normally, if you like someone, what would you do? I mean, as a woman or as a girl. My answer would be, 

Entahlah. I dont know what should i do. Apatah lagi I'm not sure if he's the one that's meant to be with. 

Yes, I'm still stuck between of 'dont bother' or 'do something'. Haish. But right now, I've been thinking of staying at the place wherever i am. For instance, don't do anything, just don't. Stay at your comfort zone, and let them notice you. HAHAHA crazy is it. 

No, I mean, biarlah kalau kita suka seseorang tu, kita mendiamkan diri. Bukan menunjuk-nunjuk perasaan tu. Ever heard this quote? 

''People who are meant to be together will always find their way back. They make take a few detours, but they're never lost''.

Thus I kinda believe in this one. Walaupun kita suka seseorang tu, rindu, berdoalah agar he's the one. Only Allah can fulfill it. Orang cakap bila rindu, kalau kita cakap dekat dia yang kita rindu, lagi bertambah rindulah perasaan kita. Tapi, bila kita rindu, kita berdoa, insyaAllah makin tenang hati kita.

Jadi, cubalah untuk lebihkan berdoa daripada mendekati mereka. *nasihat untuk diri sendiri juga*. Memang susahkan kalau dah satu kelas, satu kelab contohnya, memang susah nak halang perasaan suka tu. Tapi, apa nak buat. Lets take a chill pill which is salah, quran, zikr and du'a. :)

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