May 29, 2013

Really Lost in Lost World

Hi guys. Yesterday, I really had fun in the lost lost world. But literally I do had some physical breakdown during that particular stunt activities. tehee Firstly, the gals were me, Hanies, Sarah my lil chubby sis and her best friend, Nasha who is my teacher's daughter. And when I knew that, so much things that i had to care about. Bak kata orang ''anak orang tu''. Without parents, maybe you can do whatever you want, but your lil kid is under your guard. It is called responsibility. 

Bla bla bla. After mom gave some briefing about le 'do' and 'dont', at about 10.15 we headed to the closest port to the sandy pool. hihiks. With a confident heartbreak, we covered our bags with a towel and hoping that no one will even touch it. 'expected incident as always will happen soon'. :)

Our first hit was of course at the beach. "lets go to the beach, beach''. Bak kata Hanies, 'banyak mamats kat situ'. Hoh aint looking for that okay. omg there were so many shirtless chinese boys. sparkling wink wink. However, i dont know how to swim. But of course I can dive deep into the base of the pool. On that day, ive learnt how to swim. swim okayhhhh, but ive a problem with my 'mermaid' legs. frankly speaking, i cant swim. hoho i cant control my legs and whenever i tried to swim, my hands were moving but nay for the legs. :'( So, need to practice more during this holidays. The most important thingy is i can hold my breath in the water without pinching my nose. It is a very good improvement. for me. XD

Before heading to the dry park, we went to our port to check our thingies. Bloodyhull, ive lost my money. at that time, i just thought that what am i going to eat with the grumbling stomach. Alhamdulillah, my phone was still there. aaaaaahhh, i just wanted to scream at that terrible moment. So guys, please keep your things insde the locker and dont too over confident that nothing will happen. anything could happen. Whatever it is, a picture is a must. 
yeah eventhough im not happy because of the missing moneyh, chill la wey! Maybe they have no money to buy food and they were craving for food. Redha. :> Maybe by keeping the money inside my jeans' pocket, it cant help much. 

At the dry park, we rode 4 things. the first one is the swing. I call it 'buaian pusing-pusing'. cos it looks like a swing and it's swinging. er whatever it is, i really enjoyed riding those things. I really love outdoor games and especially when it comes to theme park, i will ride everything. anything that i could. the second ride was the swing too but it's for 2 people which i can sleep withing that round. Maybe it's too slow for an energetic girl like meh. hehe Oh ya, the third one was the pirate ship and i chose the highest place so we can feel that our heart is at the bottom of our body *

And the last one was the cutest roller coaster. 2 rounds for each session. Cissss because it was a lil bit slow, so it took 2 rounds to sarifsy our needs? Eh yknow i can put my hands up. Honestly, 2 yearsold kid is really compatible to ride it. Tehee :) Last but not least we rode the slides. And it was awesome! Daebak I really love that time as i was screaming all along the way to its end and the people at the top were laughing because of my creepy laugh perhaps? Haha and we met lissa and nurin who are my dearest classmates. Hihiks. At 5 we went hunting some food at jusco food court. Im still alive without food in 7 hours. Byebye have a nice holidays! ;)

May 22, 2013


 i miss ya guys hiks. Having fun in Cameron last time. Spending our time playing running man games, swimming etc. Hope for an awesome holiday with couzies during these school holidays ;) perhaps!