Nov 19, 2016

Homesick???? Yea

Assalamualaikum to all of ya!

It has been two weeks since i started my second sem, and it doesnt feel like home at all. Anybody can feel me?? Well, it is for the first time for me to feel really homesick which is TODAY, this morning. It's quite absurd.

You know why? Because ive never felt homesick in this semester, yet. So, when i felt that this morning, i thought i wanna go home, on the dot. 

What was i thinking? When i woke up, i felt a stranger vibe crept into my mind and it felt like, i missed home. really bad. Have you ever felt that? That feeling when you wake up, you just wanna wake up to your own bedroom. Well i felt that. And then, my mind quickly goes to my mom and I read my whatsapp conversation after that. And then i came across my family's whatsapp group, my mom texted me something about ''haa takde sape nak layan along''. (which is a yes because no one replied me???!!! why hello? this is kak long okay). So, when i read that, lagi la rasa nak menangis!! 

K i know i was being very childish because a small matter. But, honestly i missed my home, my hommies and i missed ipoh. Where i could eat anything, i can go anywhere. Here??? We got only hutan. Thank you.

Nov 11, 2016

Second Sem Starts

Hi everyone! It's Saturday and do you expect me to go having some sorta fun? Nah, first week aka 2-chapters-of-physics-2-are-done. Yas me, myself cannot believe that but it's true since Physics isn't my forte. 

Sem 2 started with kdramas and movies. Yup I watch a bunch of kdramas and end up doing nothing after that. I got only 3 subjects for this short sem tapiiii Allahu, credit hour dia peh. bye