Dec 23, 2016

3 Days Before Finals

*keep on replaying dirgahayu by faizal tahir and dato siti*

Not a kind of girl who listen to malay songs frequently but what so ever, i started to like it :p Not all, but generally, some are acceptable. And you know, the way faizal tahir sings, oh god, it was such an eargasm. *okay tryna avoid from being so high*.

Well, i am actually running out of ideas of what i wanted to write but i wanted to write so much because i like too. Sorry guys haha. 

There was a time, when you really like someone, but you could not get to know him/her more. It feels like you are in your own world imagining things that are not happening literally. It takes two to tango. You realize that they are not meant for you, they do not even care about you or perhaps they do not even realize the tiny existence of you yet, you are still hoping and hoping. Is that possible? You know the truth, you know what's happening but you still try to assume that 'perhaps something good is happening, perhaps it is just my bizarre feeling'. is that even true? 

Lol why am i like this. Why do i used to thinking about this stuff. Bet it is too early for me. But you know, I cannot resist it. And i cannot fathom my own feeling at all. It is acidic and dangerous. Like no one could play with it. Guess i should be sleeping/studying right now. Sorry everyone. Wallahualam.

Dec 2, 2016



Hello everyone! Thanks for reading my entry. I appreciate it a lot. Believe me, I'm truly not a good writer. So...... you can see it when you read mine. Lol, anyway, i was so busy back at those days before. I had tons of tests and assignments, and presentations and yet, I still procrastinated a lot. By watching k-dramas and went for a harry potter marathon. Screw myself.

Nonetheless, i feel like i wanna share with you about my experience in dealing with some people who are so typical saying stupid stuffs and gibbering way too much. Well, of course it's about my study here. How do i deal with this sorta people etc. 

It all starts with the term 'course' or 'program'. You see here, I'm in Bioscience program in which it is called sains hayat in malay. Perhaps this was just our destiny to be sorted into this program. Yup, my mistake because i chose carelessly last year (because i'm not a-lab-kinda-person) when the upu application came out but i feel grateful of course to be given this course. But, it is all different here. The students itself (some of them, not all. but in general, yep) claim that biosc is such a quite low standard among all the science courses like we stoop quite low. Ok, i know it is not true at all, but deep inside, it hurts my heart like you know, when people said that, 'omg i rather take this course instead of biosc' or 'biosc is my last choice'. Yup, that kind of words. Who on earth doesnt feel offended about it? 

Hello gurl, you are talking while im standing here beside you, listening to every word that you spill out. *sigh* dont you know how to respect people. As if im not listening, or i dont give a damn about you , judging my course. It is offensive as hell. And here, Biosc is the only course that will not be having any interview. Yea, all courses including the 3 critical courses, nursing and allied health science. I dont care about the interview, but it feels like biosc isnt important at all. Im not saying biosc is a bad course, no. But i loathe it a lot when people make an assumption that this course is not good. Okay, up to you. Your choice right. 

I dont know if a person could say such thing to a friend, but i wont. Do think before you speak. I dont even care about the level or standard of all the courses here. And because of that, you dont have to make a comparison btw them. I mean, please and please be matured as you're already 18. Thanks.

Well, people will say whatever they want to say, but me, or you or anyone else (who experiences this just like me) will not give a single damn about it. Keep on fighting and pray to God, that we will be given barakah for seeking ilm, a halal ilm, and of course good grades, and last but not least, a good profession. Ameen. 

Nov 19, 2016

Homesick???? Yea

Assalamualaikum to all of ya!

It has been two weeks since i started my second sem, and it doesnt feel like home at all. Anybody can feel me?? Well, it is for the first time for me to feel really homesick which is TODAY, this morning. It's quite absurd.

You know why? Because ive never felt homesick in this semester, yet. So, when i felt that this morning, i thought i wanna go home, on the dot. 

What was i thinking? When i woke up, i felt a stranger vibe crept into my mind and it felt like, i missed home. really bad. Have you ever felt that? That feeling when you wake up, you just wanna wake up to your own bedroom. Well i felt that. And then, my mind quickly goes to my mom and I read my whatsapp conversation after that. And then i came across my family's whatsapp group, my mom texted me something about ''haa takde sape nak layan along''. (which is a yes because no one replied me???!!! why hello? this is kak long okay). So, when i read that, lagi la rasa nak menangis!! 

K i know i was being very childish because a small matter. But, honestly i missed my home, my hommies and i missed ipoh. Where i could eat anything, i can go anywhere. Here??? We got only hutan. Thank you.

Nov 11, 2016

Second Sem Starts

Hi everyone! It's Saturday and do you expect me to go having some sorta fun? Nah, first week aka 2-chapters-of-physics-2-are-done. Yas me, myself cannot believe that but it's true since Physics isn't my forte. 

Sem 2 started with kdramas and movies. Yup I watch a bunch of kdramas and end up doing nothing after that. I got only 3 subjects for this short sem tapiiii Allahu, credit hour dia peh. bye

Oct 4, 2016

back ash

Long time no see. I ve been so busy lately and since im on my study week and yet, i hvent revise all of the topics naww so, i guess ill be off till 13th. pray for my final :-)

Jun 16, 2016

Hello Gambang

Assalamualaikum sisters brothers (lol this is iium style).
So finally, here I am, stuck on the other side of the world. Just kidding. I feel blessed. So, i've just finished my taaruf week or tawe for short. There are too much of differences here, i couldnt tell all. But the thing is this cfs is completely diff with other uni. I dont know yours but i can tell it by seeing my friends being in theirs.
So guys, i believe if you are here, u will feel the strength of the Islam and the ummah. Im actually not that religious but most of them here, are quite yes. So, it gives me impact and slowly, i could change a bit by bit. This is such a good place, for me.
My first day was horrible. I left a lot of important stuffs at home. Yeah Ipoh-Gambang takes 7-8 hours so i have to wait for a long break for me to go home. Sobs. I left my pillow, my bank acc book, and a lot more. I dont know why this thing happen to me everytime i go to somewhere far away from home. But anyway, i just deal with it. Who needs two pillows? Ceh. *lowkey yes*. Anyway, i am at floor level 2 per 5. So yea i am quite lucky for this sem hehe. Nonetheless ive to move out to the upper level by the next sem because that is the way it is.
We actually have four people in a room but mine got only 3. I bet the 'MIA' one was lost in PJ (for art programmes). Maybe she didnt look out for the latest offer letter which allied health sc prog was changed from PJ to Gambang. In Gambang, there are only biological programmes. Alhamdulillah, i got very kind-hearted roommates and we are all good. Godamnit, one of them is med student and the other one is in nursing. I feel small here. The most shocking thing for me was we only have one marhallah here where bros and sis are all in one marhallah. And the blocks for bros and sis are combined. We only got a few unlocked doors which separate us. Interesting huh? Hahaha. Thats why i was quite surprised bcs we live under the same roof. And at the stairs, we got cctvs so we have to cover our aurah fully whenever we go out of our rooms. Sigh
Well actually, we got some other mahallahs here but we could use only one. Yet. And dont ask me why.So, for now we just have two buildings that can be used which are the marhallah and the admin building (classes) only. Whatever it is, they are all good. Let me show u some of the pictures.
So, during tawe, it was not too tiring and we're actually not packed with lots of activities. Just a few motivational talks and a few test to sort us into classes and groups and how many years do we have to be in cfs (1 year or 1 and a half year). I could say that I had enough sleep through out the week + now is the ramadan month. No shouting from the commeetees yet they were very kind.
So we end the tawe by attending a baiah ceremony (baiah means ikrar). Ofc we have to do rehearsal for more than 5 times yea, thats kinda sleepy but in the end, during the actual ceremony, u will be getting goosebumps because you're officially an IIUM student. People will insist that oh come on, that is just a normal thing about orientation week but for me, nah. I feel proud somehow. And homesick hahahaha.
So actually i dont have a lot to tell you guys because there were not much of activities that we had. Oh yea, on my second day, we had to be seated for the english test, arabic test, fundamental knowledge test (fardu ain) and tilawah entrance test. And some of the test result are out todayyyyyyy. Im not excited actually. Just so you know, only for those who manage to achieve level 5,6 or exempted from the english test could have a 1 year foundation but the rest of them will finish their foundation studies after one and a half year. And there are pro and cons for each of these. Lol and for arabic, for sc students, we only have to learn arabic till level 2. And yea during the test, i answered none. Hehe because i dont have the basic. Yass you may leave the room after 15 minutes if you want to. And i was the third one to leave. Coolidat huh.
So i'll tell the result later or never haha. Im having homesick actually. Everytime i wake up from bed, i kinda overthink about my sibs, my mom and home. Idk why do i behave like this. Im big alr zzzzz. K I gotta go. I'll update soon! Syukran :)
I wake up to this every morning yeay

Nah this is a part from my compartment in the room. Beautiful isnt it? Yea so comfy and i really love it (minus the exact location of this cfs which is in the middle of the jungle lol). Infact, i dont have a place to hang out. Kuantan is 1 hour away sobs and we have to go by bus so yea. 

May 23, 2016


Hi dude.
I just wanna announce here (I aint anybody but a queen) lol?
I'll be in Gambang Campus for cfs.
I'll be enrolled on 12th June and do u think im excited?
I dont know what to feel. I mean, i will easily get homesick bcs im not used to be away from home. Being in a residential sch for 2 years isnt enough for me to be capable of homesick-stuff. Ipoh-Taiping is just several miles away. But Gambang-Ipoh. It feels like im in Washington. Lmao

Knowing the fact that i'll be the only one from seratas in Gambang, im quite scared tht what if i cant get along with others, what if ill be quiet as heck, what if people dont like me? Those what ifs quest keep popping out in my mind. And im stressed out about them. All of iium-students to be, i mean my sch mates are all in PJ. And me, alone in the other side of the world. Perhaps i cant go home during semester break and not on the weekend. O' Allah, give me strength to overcome these. I might look strong but deep inside, im sitting in the darkness. Lol i think ive been exaggerating too much isnt it?

So, i got Biological Sc and idk what do i have to FEEL. Bcs in degree, ill end up studying biomedic and i dont want that. No, pls dont say, 'wtf sister, u hv to be grateful for this, some people dont get any!'. Yea im not blind, im not deaf. I just want the best for myself and i want to be what i wanna be. So thats my choice and if i get the chance to change course, why not? It's our second chance to be the one who we want to be. Is it a crime? If u want to get it, go and get it. No one is blocking you, u just have  to work hard.

And dont ask me to just carry on with my current course, no. It annoys me and sometimes, maybe you have to be in others' shoes to feel what do we feel. Think of others and dont be selfish. So... i really hope it will turn out well and i can score well and get high cgpa. Ameen~

May 14, 2016


Bukanlah niat aku ingin menunjuk-nunjuk kehebatan diri atau pun kekuatan atau apa apa jelah yang boleh mendatangkan riak dan takbur, tapi sekadar perkongsian tentang yang berlaku betul-betul dalam hidup aku. Ceh skemanya lol

Recently, aku baru dapat lesen kereta P which means Im already a halal driver kan. #justmuslimthing So, kebetulan aku nak guna kereta hari tu dan kebetulan juga mama suruh ambik adik-adik aku balik sekolah. Fuh nasib baik balik sekolah je, because you know the struggle to survive in the a.m. is real. The fact that i've left school life for almost 6 months so i just dont get used to it hehe saje mengada. 

Tengah hari tu, saje lepak dengan kawan dekat greentown. God, that was my holy first time driving on a real busy road since that was everyone's lunch hour. And there you go when two little pumpkins in an Alza were searching for food in the middle of nowhere. I was quite scared and worried actually because ive never been to the town yet. Tapi, kalau tak cuba sampai bila ye dak? And guess what, mama kept calling me for every 10 minutes oh yes. :) i was truly grateful for having such a lovely mom but how could i answer you mama. *blackmoon emoji* 

So, alhamdulillah berkat istighfar ku dan doa ku, dan juga berkat Allah mengurniakan kecekapan dan keyakinan, sampai juga aku ke tempat itu. And a big thanks to sara for being my loyal waze lol. Parking semua boek, tak kena saman apa apa, and nak reverse semuanya cantik. Alhamdulillah again. Oh and there was one time when a pakcik on a motorcycle was starring at me with his spooky face when i was about to turn to the left (in the car). I was like masyaAllah brudur, i aint doing any wrong pakcik, why do u hate me :( but i dont care, i just made a resting bitch face and wassalam pakcik. Come on, gimme a break. Kasi can la saya baru P pakcik lol * yea i know P is for Pro*

And then, dalam pukul 1 tu, aku start ambil adik aku yang lelaki tu. Lepastu yang kedua, last sekali yang ketiga, obv. Aku check minyak, lagi 200 km boleh pergi. Ah cantiklah, tak ada masalah apa apa ni fuh. And mom called again lol. Nasib baik masa tu traffic light merah. Tukar je hijau, i terus campak phone. Tak pro la lagi nak bawak satu tangan. The thing is sekolah tiga orang tu jauh jauh and kena cross a busy big road yang memang kau kena laju and pandai potong. Ohmygod, i was worried too bad. Nasib baik lagi ada kereta merc ni paham keadaan P aku, so dia kasi aku potong lah. And again, masyaAllah my first time was very good and i wonder how could i do that *surprisingly i was not that good before*. Mom shouted at me and always will be shouting forever because she's a mom. Jauh satu hal, jam satu hal, parking sesak satu hal. But everything was so kewl. 

Bila sampai rumah tu aku park kat luar rumah je. Tetiba, aku ada instinct nak start engine balik sebab nak cantikkan parking aku. But then, enjin tak boleh start, and banyak sign yang aku tak faham keluar dkt board tu. Panik sangat masa tu because mom wasnt at home, and ofc im the one who was obv resp for that. Aku try start banyak kali and the same thing happened again. Oh god, what should i do sebab aku rasa bersalah je. Was it because of me? No no, i didnt do anything which is not normal. So, aku try lock and unlock kereta, it seemed like lampu tak bernyala and tak ada bunyi. Lol i tried to google it out and tak jumpa lol. Thankgod, mama call tepat pada waktunya and she was OKAYYYY YEAYY tak kena marah hehe. Mama terus balik and panggil orang bengkel and baiki on the spot. 

Nah, i knew the prob now. It was because of battery. Battery beb battery. Battery habis so it has to be changed! The thing is Allahu, kenapa dia habis dekat rumah? Kenapa dia tak habis masa tengah jalan? Subhanallah, cantik peraturan-Nya :'). Bayangkan kalau rosak tepi jalan, macam mana aku nak settle down, how could i even think, how could i even find the hazard button( no no seriously when youre panic, no one can judge). Alhamdulillah ya amat battery habis di rumah tepat tepat masa aku parking. I truly believe in the power of Allah, kun fa ya kun. Memang kita tak boleh elak benda tu, tapi bila dan di mana. I felt protected and blessed Subhanallah. Tak terucap syukurnya aku sebab aku selamat sampai. Luckily, bukan salah aku dan dah sampai masanya battery kereta habis. 

Sebab itulah pentingnya doa itu sebelum buat apa apa. Well, kita tak tahu benda apa yang nak jadi. Anything can happen walaupun tak logik. I truly feel blessed because of this incident. Aku bukan macam orang lain yang sentiasa baca doa bila nak buat apa apa kerja, tapi memang sejak dah drive ni, aku selalu amalkan doa dan niat dalam hati supaya selamatkanlah perjalanan aku ini walaupun sedekat mana. Bila dah sampai dengan selamat tu, cubalah ucap syukur alhamdulillah. Memang kecik je benda nya, drive? Tapi, besar bendanya kalau accident kan. 

Betullah, ada tujuan Allah timpakan benda ni. Ada sesuatu yang baik diberikan disebalik sesuatu dugaan yang diturunkan. :)

Mar 31, 2016

The Pain is No Joke

Hai. Aku rasa aku kena share dan post pasal ni sebab aku rasa perlu. lol

This pain is no joke. 

Biasanya, before someone tu pasang braces, dia akan mengalami beberapa proses yang agak lama lah. Kalau dekat kerajaan, mungkin bertahun, tapi kalau kat swasta, dalam sebulan dua macam tu. Sebab selagi ada duit, selagi tu, proses tu jalan. As for me, kerajaan pun okay kalau kau sanggup tunggu or tahan kalau kena marah ke, kena reject ke. Sebab pengalaman aku dulu, kita kena make sure gigi kita bersih betul-betul, baru dia sign up kan kita for braces process and dia akan rujuk kita dekat doktor. Before tu, nurse je terlibat. Tapi, well aku banyak kali kena reject atas banyak sebab. 

1) Gusi tak kecut
2) Tak ada masa nak pergi appointment 

Tu lah antara sebabnya. Lepastu, macam kalau masalah gusi ni, dia suruh kumur air geram setiap hari. Mungkin aku tak peka, tapi aku kena marah sebab tu. huhu There was one time, masa tu aku ada appointment. Nurse tu cakap macam ni:

Awak ni kumur tak air garam? Awak betul-betul ke nak buat braces ni? Atau pun kena paksa oleh parents? Kalau kena paksa, tak payah buat.

Aku betu-betul tersentak masa tu. Aku terus nangis sebab tak tahan. hahaha masa tu form 3. So, aku tak tahan asyik kena marah je, aku terus tak datang start daripada haritu. Lagipun busy, form 3 pulak PMR. Form 4 pulak, aku masuk asrama. So, aku agak busy. 

Kalau dekat swasta ni lain sangat. First, kena buat dental check up. Doktor akan consult kita pasal proses dia dan bayaran untuk semua tu. Tak tahulah dulu macam mana, mungkin lagi murah. Secondly, next appointment kita kena x-ray dan tangkap gambar, dan buat model gigi kita. haha masa ni segan sikit lah sebab memang akan nampak buruk time doktor tu letak mol tu. hihi tambah-tambah doktor handsome hm, takpelah. Aku senyum je sepanjang hari. Lepas tu, kita akan buat teeth extraction. Biasanya, 4 batang lah. Setengah orang tak kena pun. Depends dekat gigi masing-masing. Kalau ada lubang, pun kena tampal. Dalam masa yang sama, dia akan letak beberapa teeth separator supaya memudahkan waktu nak pasang braces nanti. So, sekarang ni aku tengah pakai separator dan baru hari kedua :(

Sakitnya paling sakit antara semua process. I couldnt eat properly sebab once kau gigit benda, separator tu akan pressure gigi kau, nescaya sakitnya sampai ke telinga, langsung ke otak. bhahahaha. Tak tipu okay. Sakit separator ni lagi sakit daripada cabut gigi.

Masa cabut gigi dulu, aku cabut 2 dulu. The next two weeks, 2 lagi. Firstly, dia akan spray something dalam mulut. i dont know what was that but i thought that it might be some kind of acid or alkali or i dont know how to explain. But surely the taste sucks and it was painful when it touched my gums. Then, ive been injected with a few injections (not one or two but i guessed 4 or 5). Rasa dia macam nak sepak diri sendiri. To be honest, during my first 2 teeth i had a really high expectation on how painful it's gonna be. But, nah it wasnt hurt at all. But for the second one, Allahu, I literally scratched my skin because it was so so painful and ugh i dont know how could I live with that. But, lepas doktor tu inject dengan bius, rasa kebas dan tak sakit dah, cuma rasa berat je. And i cant breathe well sebab rasa kebas. After a few minutes, barulah dia mula cabut. Tips aku, kita kena sentiasa ada expectation yang tinggi, macam betapa seram dan takut nya cabut gigi itu. Then, masa benda tu berlaku, tak sakit pun. But my second time sucks. Aku happy je mula-mula sebab tak sakit pun dulu, last-last tears welled up in my eyes sobs.

Okay masa extraction tu, tak sakit langsung. Trust me, doktor tu baik sangat sampai i was amazed by her beauty hahaha. Masa extraction, i dapat doktor perempuan so that was a relief sebab tak payah control lawa lmao. Okay back to this separator stuff. Firstly, aku susah nak makan. For the first few days, kena makan bubur je. Sebab I've tried makan nasi semua, but i end up telan je instead of kunyah wahaha habisla digestion system aku. Secondly, aku nak bercakap pun macam pelat je bunyi. Thirdly, even kau tak gigit apa-pun, still rasa sakit dia sampai ke gusi, and kepala. Sakit sangat wallahi. Tapi aku try la tahan sebab benda ni sekejap je (macam lama je nak tunggu next app...........).

Well, bentuk separator tu macam ni.

Ini lah elastic teeth separator. Dia sebenarnya macam getah je. 

Nampak simple tapi Ya Allah, keperitannya 50% kesakitan beranak eh

Once dah pakai ni, lupakan lah hajat nak makan something yang keras :( Aku rasa otak aku macam dah nak explode sebab skala kesakitan berada di tahap yang ke spoloh. LOL. 

Well, kalau kita determined nak buat something tu, In Sya Allah tak rasa sakit. Mungkin sekejap je. Tapi akan ku gagahkan jua menghadapi hari yang mendatang bhahahaha bye. 

Mar 28, 2016

Mom and Her Jokes

This entry is gonna be a simple one. 

Jadi, semalam aku lepak-lepak dekat tingkat bawah sambil sort kan tudung-tudung untuk business mama. Sambil tu, aku sembang-sembang dengan mama pasal macam-macam la. Oh, ig business nya ialah @nanahijab71. Mohon ke sana untuk membeli shawl yang tak terkata murah harganya, and you know what, i wear nanahijab gitu.

Okay, lepas tu mama ada offer aku. Dia cakap, 

Nak shawl tak?

Aku pun kata boleh je kalau nak bagi. Lepas tu, dia suruh aku ambil satu shawl yang warna putih ni. I was like, yang mana?! Pastu mama kata

Tuu. Yang corak MH tu. 

LOL. Aku pun semangat cari mana shawl yang ada tulisan MH. Tak ada pun. Aku macam loser kat situ, sebab tak nampak apa yang mama nampak. Aku rasa mama geram tu, dia terus ambilkan untuk aku.


I terus burst sebab I didn't really expect that that was the shawl. Nak tau shawl apa shawl MH tu?

This one. I didn't know why on earth that mama insisted that this is some kind of MH pattern>> loser

Lepas mama explain, lagi aku burst teruk and cerita dekat adik aku semua. Last-last, mama kena cop loser. LMAO. She actually thought that i'd understand whats the meaning of MH atau dari shortform MH370. I didnt know that she really meant it!!! Kenapa dia tak kata plane instead of MH. Maaa........... u r so funny. And dia deny jugak. Dia berkeras nak cakap tu corak MH. okay.... you won. 

Well, this is a critical thinking one lol. I should've known the hidden meaning of it. Mama saje nak test tu. 

Mar 25, 2016

My Pathetic Driving Class #3

Hai, nak sambung lagi. So, hari kedua aku practice driving ni quite okaylah. The fact that aku tak hafal sangat jalan kat Ipoh ni, you can't expect me to know every small road yang tersorok dkt mana-mana tah. Okay, nak dipendekkan cerita, class sebelum ni aku practice di litar je. Aku dah pro dah buat bukit, parking dan yang lain-lain. Hari tu, first time aku akan belajar di jalan raya which is aku seronok sebenarnya.hihi 

Masa cikgu aku sampai tu, aku cepat-cepat keluar rumah sebab aku risau dia naik angin kalau aku terhegeh-hegeh. Aku nak masuk seat depan sebelah dia. Tapi, tiba-tiba dia tanya aku 

Boleh drive sekarang tak?

Aku punya terkejut sebab aku tak ada experiece drive dekat road doh. Tapi, dah dia suruh, aku ikut je. First-first tu aku ada masalah nak tukar gear. Sebab aku cepat gelabah. Gila ko, tak ada experience kut. Hmm, so far so good. Lepas tu, dia suruh masuk highway sebab senang nak pergi driving center tu. Dia ada comment sikit yang aku drive agak laju. Padahal, 30 km/h je, orang belakang siap potong lagi. Paling sakit hati, ada lori besar potong aku. Peh, rasa terancam gila sedangkan masa mama drive, aku duk komen lori bawak lambat. Baru ku tahu yang kita tak selalu ada dia atas kuikui. Dengan hanya berbekalkan kancil, aku redha :')

Hmm. Sepanjang 3 jam latihan tu, aku rasa aku tak ada lah teruk mana sampai nak langgar kereta orang. Cuma sipi-sipi, tapi aku boleh control benda tu. Paling aku takut waktu traffic light, it's my worst enemy lah. Sebab masa berhenti dekat traffic light, kena buat gear satu kan, so, kalau nak gerak balik, aku kena slow-slow angkat klaj baru tekan minyak. Masalahnya, aku banyak kali berhenti enjin hehehehe. Tak tau le sama ada aku yang tak reti nak balance or kereta tu yang problem huhu. Sadis hari keduaku. Aku ulang alik jalan A, B, C tu dekat 2 kali bagi setiap jalan. Penat gak, nak balik tu pun, aku yang drive. Memang tak le dia yang drive.

Ada satu masa tu dekat traffic light, aku kereta yang ketiga, so bila dah hijau, aku start la nak gerak. Boleh pulak, mati enjin on the spot. Aku start 2,3 kali dah. Tapi still asal aku angkat klaj je, dia mati enjin. Aku gelabah gila tengok kereta belakang berderet tunggu. ;( Cikgu aku tu tak membantu. Dia sekadar ulang ayat yang sama sobs

Angkat clutch perlahan lahan maaa

Yee. saya tahu. Tapi, bergetar-getar kereta sampai mati. Hmm pastu lampu bertukar merah balik pun, aku still tak bergerak. Malu gila lah. Aku cuba baca bismillah, tarik nafas semua, Alhamdulillah boleh gerak. Ceh, masa lampu hijau kali kedua tu, kereta belakang aku terus pecut memotong. ngehehehe ko sabar jela dengan pemegang lesen L seperti saya ni hihi.

So, akhirnya itu jelah pun. Takda apa sangat. Aku just tak pandai nak gunakan cermin kiri kanan, and bila kereta belakang aku banyak/rapat, aku dah mula lemah semangat. Itu yang cikgu aku ajar. Dia cakap tak payah peduli kereta belakang, fikir pasal kita je. okay... so he wants me to be selfish and... im really OKAY with that :P 

Esokya pulak, aku ada class lagi. Petang pulak tu. Memang lenjun bajuku plus kaki aku kebas sebab tak rehat langsung sepanjang 3 jam. Alhamdulillah, aku dah tak mati enjin, and i started to drive 40 km/h. yeay but still dia kata laju. W-what? Masa dekat bonggol pun, aku main langgar je, terhenjut henjut dia hehe sorry uncle. Lepas tu, ada pulak lori main cross je, aku apa lagi, brake mengejut lah. hm sian cikgu tu, terkedepan badan dia wuu sorry. you must be so tired having class with me. Mesti dia tak sabor nak habis dah =D

So, end up aku dah 6 jam semuanya. Lepas tu, dia dengan confidentnya bagitahu, yang aku ada ujian QTI 3 hari kemudian. WHATHE sepatutnya 10 jam kan? Aku mulalah nak bangga jap, sebab mungkin dia rasa aku dah pro ;p, tapi aku agak marah lah sebab dia tak habiskan kelas dulu. Tapi, takpe. Dekat litar, everything is okay and aku sangat suka latihan dalam tu. BEST! Masa, QTI tu aku kena marah lagi hehehe But im coolidat. So, aku tak ambil hati sangat. Next time,aku cerita pasal QTI pulak. zzz and i made some new friends on that day and it was hella fun to talk to them. BYE

Mar 18, 2016

SPM Candidate?

Oh God, the temperature tonight is no joke. I'm sweating like heck plus i wear all black tonight because i think i look cool in black. No, not hipster but i feel rock! 

Well okay~ Actually, i wanted to give some of my spm preparation. Lol, it isnt all about preparation, but it's actually about my routine. What did i do and all of those maybe can burst out your positive vibes and the mood to start it from now. Because what can i see from my sister, who's an spm candidate for this year, she doesnt ever give a damn about it. I could only see her study during the last minute and she stayed up all night until fajr to study, and during test, she would be like a zombie plus her short term memory didnt help at all. 

So, as a residential school student, i was really lucky to stay in such a place and perhaps some will think that we were like prisoners, no gadgets at all. No, youre totally wrong. 

Here's mine:

#1 Gadgets?

It is normal to own one but, you must control your play time. As for me, cellphone is my biggest enemy since i will stalk people on Instagram, post tweets that arent important at all, chatting with not-so-important people. Thats from my point of view. Im so grateful bcs in residential school, normally there will be spotcheck for every month maybe? So, we just brought a cheap one, very cheap one. And i can just call my mom, and text her prolly every 3 days lol. I was having homesick so bad but i didnt call my mom everyday and i was happy with my friends around. So, for me, i saw some of my friends brought smart phones and no offense, but their grades were not so ______. Believe me, cellphones are the worst enemy of all. I saw my friends were chatting, on the phone every night, and i dont know what did they do with their cellphones, just because of that, they didnt bother to even take out a book, and read. well, last minute people will end up like last minute result. Im not judging people, but i have a smartphone too. I only used it at home during holidays and not other than that. Come on, it's just for a few months. You dont have to be a geek just to score straight a's.

#2 Timing

Ugh i reallyyyyy hate this part because every damn day, i felt like i had not enough time to study, to sleep (i love to sleep). So, what have i learnt from my experience in residential school was:

4.30 am: Wake up and take a shower (damn cold lol). If possible, do perform tahajjud.

5.10 am: Read books. As for me, it's a perfect time to read Biology and History. I never do addmaths early in the morning. In the morning, u'll easily get some facts and inputs bcs your mind is fresh after taking a shower.

5.45 am: I got ready in a complete school uniform and go to the mosque to perform subuh. In my school, we usually perform 2 rakaah of sunah prayers. 

6.15 am: I took my breakfast and go to the class and do my homework, or else, i'll read.

7.30 - 
2.45 pm: I have classes as usual

2.45 pm: I perform zuhr and have my lunch.

3.30 pm: Back for extra class.

5.00 pm: Asar at the mosque and i went back to my dorm and washed clothes and did some works because i had to be all independent :(

6.00 pm: I would be in bed and take a nap, and do addmaths or physics or chemistry, and  then take nap back, and study back, and sleep. I dont know. Thats my routine because i was too tired. You dont have to be stressful, just enjoy your leisure time. Prolly, you can sleep until maghrib.

6.50 pm: Dinner and maghrib

8.00 pm: I had prep and at that time i'll do revision and sometimes i'd do homework. But i hate homework because i loved to procrastinate so i just left it and did my revision especially for chemistry and physics. 

10.00 pm: Back and you can do whatever you want. But, I  usually went to my friends' dorms and talk and eat snacks and mingle with people around. You see, no cellphone at all. I just used it only for calls and texts and musics. No anti-social. Normally, I'd sleep at 11.30 because i love sleeping so i didnt want to waste it by doing stupid things. Even with the lights on or off, i dont care. But i prefer no lights at all. I hate lights.

So listen. I dont get it why certain people are so lazy to do revision, to read, i mean reading is my passion, i really really love it. why not? It's just an excuse if you insist that you dont have enough time. well bullshits. You have 3 and 1/2 hours for your cellphone yet, youre still complaining about homework. Why? because you do it last minute. 

#3 Exam?

Ikr. It's the most stressful week for me and ofc for everyone. But the best thing is, you dont hv homework yeay. I usually stay up until 12.30 and go to sleep because, i cant put in so much facts in the peak hour. I feel that it's a waste to just let go your sleeping time, seeing my friends, who sleep early. Sleeping is heaven. So, when some of your friends ask for your help for certain subjects, what do you feel when you're tired? I feel annoyed. NOoo. I can help you, but not in the exam week. nope. You can ask me to teach you the whole book if you want to, but please not in the exam week. Ive my weakness side to be brushed up too! ugh, i hate this kind of people. They just find us whenever they feel uncomfortable about the upcoming test, but they dont even think about mine? Gosh, I really want to help but find me 2 weeks before exam week starts. I cant sleep early because of that i cant do revision on the topics that i am week at. Im not being a snobbish, but i want to do revision too right? So... just ask your friends to teach you anytime before the exam week. Dont make them to feel annoyed about you, being that way. Why do they find us at the very last minute? Because they dont even start it before it. Just dont procrastinate to revise your weak subjects. 

#4 Revision

Normally, I'd revise two weeks before the exam week especially for chemistry, biology and history. lol for maths, a night before is just enough because all you need to do is exercises. Trust me, it will work on you. The same old questions will pop out and you dont have to be worried about that. 


p/s: im not good in giving tips, i just state what ive been doing all this time, feel free to practice it ^^

Mar 11, 2016

My Pathetic Driving Class #2

So, sambung cerita haritu. Kali ni lagi parah sebab dia dah mula tinggi suara. Honestly aku tak tahu siapa cikgu yang akan mengajar aku nanti. Aku assume akak cina tu. Well, aku okay je dengan dia. Baik je sebenarnya, tapi sikap dia yang suka sangat tak bagitahu aku tu. As I told you before, lepas almost sebulan baru aku dapat belajar walhal aku dah lulus dan patut dapat lesen L dah. 

Pagi Ahad tu, aku naik dengan pakcik cina yang besar tu. Oooo rupa-rupanya dia cikgu aku. Dalam kereta tu ada dia, perempuan cina ni, seorang laki cina bawak helmet yang duduk sebelah aku tu, pastu aku. Akulah wakil melayu dan muslim dalam tu. Aku tak adalah awkward mana, aku buat tak tahu jelah sebab diaorang cakap pun, aku tak paham. So, aku tak boleh nak join conversation tu huhu. Haa, bila dah sampai tu pakcik tu suruh aku ikut dia pergi daftar, hm pastu dia mintak lagi seringgit. Padahal haritu dah bayar full complete kut, takpelah aku taknaklah berkira pulak kan. Pastu dia panggil aku dekat kereta kancil dia tu, and dia bagi 4 helai kertas suruh aku baca. LOL Is this MUET test ke apa siap suruh baca engkau. 

Then, dia suruh aku duduk dekat kantin tu. Aku pun pergilah sorang-sorang. Aku cool je. Bukan aku taknak beli air, knowing the fact that yang jual tu chinese, so aku macam ragu-ragu sikit. Nasib baik I bawak air mineral sendiri dengan mentos (sebab kecik dan mengenyangkan bagi akulah). Aku duk baca dalam 15 minit jugaklah. Lepas tu, pakcik tu panggil balik. Dia suruh aku pergi tempat 'tu'. Aku pun pelik lah, tempat 'tu' tu tempat apa. Then dia tunjuk satu tempat ni.Aku macam confused la, tempat apa doh. Aku nampak pokok, bukit, kereta je. Pastu dia teman aku jalan kejap. Dia suruh aku ikut satu kereta ni. What a satanic attitude, dia suruh aku jalan kaki pergi situ sambil kejar kereta tu. Orang lain naik kereta kut. Haih takpelah, aku redha dan aku jalan terkedek-kedek ikut kereta tu. Malu jugaklah sebab orang lain tengah practice, tetiba nampak sekor tongoi yang tengah jalan dengan pantasnya. lol

Oooooh rupanya tempat rpk/rsm. Dia nak briefing dulu. Cakap lah awal-awal pakcik oi. Ni cakap, tempat 'tu'. 'Tu' tu apa? jamban? Masa tu aku dan panas dah dengan pakcik tu. Dah la aku tak tau dia pelat apa, yang pasti aku tak faham apa yang cuba dia sampaikan. Time dengar pasal rpk tu, pakcik lain yang terangkan. Dia orang melayu, so aku lega sikit lah. Well, at least aku faham lah apa yang dia cakap. Boleh pulak time dia terangkan, dia buat lawak gila-gila ah sampai aku terpaksa menyumbangkan satu 'ha'. Kau faham tak gelak pahit? Haa sepanjang setengah jam tu, gelak aku semua gelak pahit. Lawak pakcik tu lawak yang try so hard gila sampai terbatuk-terbatuk dan lagi teruk sampai terjongket-jongket. Dah le pakai shades, aku taknampak matanya ke mana. Adui, tolongla pakcik, kalau tak boleh buat lawak, saya redha je dengan sikap pakcik yang sebenar. Yang peliknya, ada sesetengah budak yg dengar semua tu gelak-gelak bajet macam kelakar sangat. Aku pun wonder lah, apa benda yang lawaknya setakat pakcik tu kata tingkap tak boleh bukak. Oh ok, maybe sebab pakcik tu buat action kut yang tingkap tak boleh bukak. But seriously, I didnt get the jokes ?  Pastu ada satu part ni, dia bukak but kereta. Dia suruh kitaorang semua tunjuk tali sawat. Aku memang zero lah pasal benda ni. Pastu, masa turn aku, aku main tunjuk lah besi warna kelabu apa tah. Dia punya ngekek gelak duk bahan aku. Semua diam je, dia yang over ''Apa awak tunjuk tu akak. Tu besi aircon hahahahaahaha. Salah tu.'' Pastu aku tunjuk la besi sebelah dia. Dia jawab ''awak salah dah ni... lagi, lagi?'' Aiii pakcik ni dah melampo. Dua kali aku dah salah tu, tunjuk je lah yang betul. Last2 aku ngaku yang aku tak tahu. Haa ok lepas tu dia tunjuk lah. Dalam betul tali sawat tu, aku tak terpikir pun benda tu. Pastu, dia ada cakap ''okay untuk tali sawat ni, korang kena bagi explanation yang tali sawat ni tak berbulu hehe hahahaha. Kalau malu, cakaplah tidak berbenang haha. kalau malulah''. And....... was i supposed to laugh or cringe or shut the heck up. So, aku start balik senyum pahit aku. Padahal dalam hati, rasa nak record, tunjuk satu dunia. 

Lepas habis semua tu, pakcik tu suruh kitaorang pergi dekat cikgu masing-masing. Lepas tu, aku jalanlah nak balik ke kantin. Tiba-tiba, aku dengar ada sorang pakcik cina yang aku tak kenal panggil kawan aku seorang tu. Aku buat tak tahu jelah. Aku jalan dengan kawan aku yang lain. Tiba-tiba diorang panggil lagi. Haa dah kenapa? Aku macam blur-blur lah sebab aku agency lain kan. And then, diaorang panggil jugak aku suruh masuk kereta dia. Best jugaklah sebab dia kereta Axia, di mana air cond nya sejuk dan berfungsi, harap maklum. Aku masuklah. Aku pelik jugak asal dia panggil aku, and aku tak kenal pun dia. So, dalam kereta tu ada pakcik yang aku tak kenal tu, ada  2 orang perempuan lain, dan aku yang terpinga-pinga. Pastu, pakcik tu drive la bawak pergi jalan kat litar tu. Nak tunjuk apa yang ada maybe. Pastu tiba-tiba dia pandang belakang tau. Dia terkejut tengok aku. Pakcik tu kata '' Aik kenapa ada dua orang dekat belakang?''. Aku macam peliklah, tadi dia tak nampak aku ke. Then, dia tanya aku agency mana semua. Aku jawablah. Pastu dia marah pulak, ''EH tak boleh la. you suruh cikgu you ajar sendiri maa. You turun sekarang''. W-wait seriously?! Oh my effing God, dia suruh aku turun dekat situ jugak what the freaking hell. Tadi, suruh aku naik. Lepas tu halau macam tu. Muka aku berubah dah masa tu. Dia sambung lagi ''sorry ye tapi i bukan halau u, u kena suruh cikgu u ajar''. wow i mean double wow! Masa tu, aku rasa nak:

#1 nangis
#2 nangis
#3 nangis
#4 carut
#5 tumbuk pakcik tu

Boleh pulak dia suruh aku turun macam tu je. Dengan orang ramai dekat luar, semua tengah pandang aku, aku rasa down sangat. Aku dah berair dah time tu, but you know, mak aku ajar supaya jangan rude dengan orang, so aku cakap thank you and sorry dekat dia. Sorrylah, kalau orang lain, dia hentak je pintu kereta kau tu. And from that time, aku belajar satu benda, aku ni tak boleh baik sangat dengan orang nanti kena pijak macam tu je. Yang tu first aku geram dekat pakcik yang halau aku tu. Ada mulut, cakap elok-elok kau nak aku suruh buat apa. Taknampak muka aku ke? Aku keluar kereta terus aku curse gila-gilah. siapa yang dekat tu dengar lah kut. Aku on the way nak pergi office,nak cari cikgu aku tu. Lepas tu aku dengar ada orang panggil nama aku. Aku pusing belakang tengok cikgu besar cina aku yang sebenar panggil aku. Ni seorang lagi. Dia bukan kisah pun pasal aku. Well hello? Mintak maaf pun tak. Main tinggal macam tu je pastu act like nothing. Sumpah eh, aku dah hilang respect langsung dekat orang dekat situ terutamanya cikgu aku tu. Harap je umur dah meningkat, aku lagi matured. 

Dalam kereta tu, aku diam je mula-mula. Sebab aku geraam sangat. It takes time to heal. So, aku istighfar banyak-banyak mintak supaya hati tenang. Last-last tu, dia suruh aku duduk depan and drive. Mula-mula tu, aku start engine dulu. Lepas tu dia suruh buat gear 1. Aku godek-godek lah gear tu, tengok tak boleh gerak. Pastu dia kata, ''u tekan klaj dulu maaa''. Aku masa tu lost gila sebab baru marah en, aku tak tahu klaj kat mana. Aku diam je. Aku buat buat tekan button kat radio tu haha. Lepas tu dia marah pulak ''aiyaa tak baca ke tadi? kan i suruh hang baca''. Sudah, dah keluar dah 'hang' dia. Aku macam wadehel, aku bayar kau bukan suruh kau paksa aku baca, tapi suruh kau ajar secara praktikal, demo sikit. Kalau macam tu, baik aku beli buku je hafal step. Lagipun, dalam kertas yang dia bagi hanya ada rpk dan rsm je manada menatang klaj bagai. Aku tak tau klaj apa yang dia merepek, aku sabor jela. Hampir je aku nak tampo muka dia. 

Pastu dia tunjuk la mana klaj. Mula-mula aku start driving tu smooth la, cuma aku terbanyak kali mati enjin. Yela, first time kut. Kau expect apa? Dah pro tahap boleh drift? Bukan aku nak kutuk ke apa, tapi ya Allah , Tuhan je tahu betapa panasnya aku. Dia pasang aircond, tapi bukak tingkap (WTH?), pastu memang tak rasa aircond lah. Baju aku dah lenjun dan. Dengan panasnya, dengan aku tak paham dia cakap apanya. The worst thing  is, i couldnt get what he was trying to tell me about. Dia macam ada masalah krisis mumbling yang melampau sampai tahap aku nak sumbangkan air mineral supaya dia relax sikit, telan air liur tu biar jelas cakap. Aiyooo macam mana lepas ni. T.T 

So far so good, aku ada la jugak sembang dengan dia. Lepas marah aku tu dah reda, aku tanya la dia jugak macam-macam. Aku dah berjaya buat bukit, parking, z course, s course dangan semua semualah dekat litar tu. Dia ada puji aku sikit, dia cakap aku ni cepat belajar berbanding student lain. hehehe YELAH DAH KENA MARAH. lol Tapi, ada satu part ni, masa dekat bukit. Aku gelojoh sangat sampai kereta ter undur ke belakang haha. Aku panik gila lah time tu, pastu pakcik tu buat bodoh je. Aku gelabah, aku angkat brake. Pastu tak jadi apape pun. Pak cik tu pandang je aku dengan muka expressionless dia. Apa kau ingat kau hensem? Pastu aku macam cemas la. Dia marah sikit. ''Tekan la klaj dengan brake tu''. Laa, cakap la. First time kut aku fail bukit. Sekali tu je. Tu pun dia nak kecoh. Bukan ajar sangat pun. Dia je kebetulan dapat student pro macam aku. lol

Oh, haa ada satu part ni dekat parking. Mula-mula masa nak ajar tu, dia ada sebut macam ni, ''u nampak itu tanda, sama dengan ini, sebaris dengan kita maa''. adoii, aku tak faham ni. Aku cakap pardon? dia tinggi suara sikit, tapi still ayat yang sama. wow jadah apa yang kau cakap ni. Aku buat muka blur aku. Rupanya dia nak cakap yang tanda dekat divider tu kena sebaris dengan bahu kita. Aku hanya mampu simpan carutan ku di dalam. I mean, kalau orang lain pun tak faham. Kau ingat aku ni anak kau ke nak paham every single thing yang kau cakap. Aku ni Melayu yang penuh dengan tatabahasanya eh. 

Haa lepas tu okay jelah. Takde apa dah. Cuma mula-mula tu aku rasa malu sangat, nak marah, nak cekik semua orang kat situ. Aku macam tunggul yang ikut je apa orang cakap. So, my first day of class sucks so much. 5 hari kemudian, aku tak dapat any news dari dia. Pastu aku whatsapp diaorang. Haa, baru diaorang bagitahu next class aku Ahad ni, lusa lah kiranya. Hm, haraplah habis cepat sebab aku tak tahan dah ya rabbi. Aku boleh sabar je dan ikut je apa dia nak. Ok kk. Kalau dia marah lagi, apa boleh aku buat. Tapi, satu kebangangan agency diaorang ni, diaorang suka tak bagitahu bila. Kurang ajar kan. Kita pulak yang kena refer selalu. Tak patut kut. Tutup kedai jela. Kalau dah menyusahkan orang lain.

Well, kita tengok hows my next class. Kalau dapat sekali je aku maki, sekalii je, teringin jugak. But, honestly, first day aku dah jadi sejarah hitam sebab:

1. kena halau
2. kena marah
3. tak faham accent pakcik tu? 

Mar 10, 2016

My Pathetic Driving Class #1

Haluu. Saje nak bagitahu, sekarang puku 3.30 pagi. Sambil dengar lagu my fav indie band, arctic monkey. Banyak betul masalah driving class aku. Sian kawan aku hari tu kena dengar masalah aku ni, dahlah voice note, bukan dekat seorang pulak tu, dekat whatsapp group pun ada, pastu siap mintak solution lagi, kau rasa? Terima kasihlah, you are the best of me.

Well mula-mula tu, aku nak daftar dengan agency kawan aku. Kut-kutlah, kelas sama ke, boleh menyembang, pastu fangirling, haa kan best tu. Tapi mama taknak sebab dia kata dia dah jumpa this one agency yang sangat friendly dan baik walaupun cina. Aku tak kisahpun bangsa apa sebab dekat sekolah memang aku rapat dengan cina dengan india, rapat gilalah, aku kan peramah. Lepas daftar tu, aku kena pergi ceramah 6 jam. Itu pun lepas 3 kali postpone bersamaan dengan 3 minggu aku menunggu. Kau rasa nama aku nama ke berapa puluh ribu? Aku siap bawak earphone bagai takut boring, last-last aku terlelap jugak. Masa sesi pertama tu, kena dengan bekas pegawai jpj, strict dia peh, siap tanya soalan maths dekat aku, ‘’berapakah jumlah kemalangan setiap tahun kalau daripada 2000 sampai sekarang dah 140000 kemalangan telah berlaku?’’. Nasib baik aku boleh congak, pastu boleh la jawab. Yang sakit hatinya, dekat aku jugaklah, soalan maths keluar. So, disebabkan garang gila, aku tak berani nak bergerak walaupun ke tandas.  Sesi kedua tu best, sebab pakcik tu relax je. Laki sebelah aku tu dah baring 2 minit pertama, perempuan depan aku tesengguk-sengguk, yang depan kanan sikit main phone. So, aku sempatlah on Instagram, pastu tweet sikit acah-acah wild girl lah tak pay attention waktu ceramah, pastu whatsapp kejap dengan kawan, pastu sempat lagi aku kena dare tangkap gambar mamat tidur sebelah tu, aku rasa orang belakang aku perasan yang aku senyap-senyap ambil gambar orang tu. Ah tak kisahlah, tu last time je kan aku jumpa dia. Aku rasa pakcik tu sabor jela tengok kitaorang ni biadap macam tu. Hehe Siapa suruh baik sangat? Pastu, masa waktu kemuncak tu memang aku tidurlah, yang aku dengar pasal brek mengejutlah, pemandu lembab lah, apa lah. Aku duduk tegak tapi mata tutup, walaupun aku tau penceramah tu nampak aku buat apetew. Apa-apalah, sebab memang aku tak tahan. Tiba-tiba, aku dengar orang cakap sensorang, aku terjaga lah. Tengok perempuan sebelah kanan aku tengah otp. Lol me. Memang pakcik tu kena troll kaw-kawlah. Apa yang dia merepek kat depan tu aku rasa 4 orang je dengar kut, tu yang set-set baik, tahap siap bukak buku sama page dengan pakcik tu cakap. Aku punya buku, aku lukis-lukis sebab bosan gila k.

Sampai masa tu, kitaorang boleh balik. Aku rasa aku dapat 35% je sebab yang lain tu tak relevan. Duk bandingkan pemandu Malaysia dengan Singapore lah, apalah, aku hanya mengiyakan dengan senggukanku. Lepas beberapa hari tu, aku peliklah sebab aku tak dapat call dari diaorang. Geram pun ada sebab aku memang nak test komputer cepat-cepat sementara aku ingat pakcik tu cakap apa. Aku pun call lah diaorang, barulah diaorang book tarikh. Masa hari test tu, aku jumpa lagi dengan akak poli yang aku ada sembang-sembang haritu. Best jugaklah sebab diaorang sporting, dan aku peremah, friendly lagitueww, memang bestlah. Before tu aku siap install kpp apps, and buat test tu. Mula-mula, fail je manjang, macam orang tak pernah nampak kereta. Pastu malam sebelum test tu, aku baca buku sikit, aku try buat test lagi. Lulus lah jugak, pastu aku rasa  lega dah. Aku rasa aku tak payah study dah sebab dah lulus ye dak? So, sambung balik. Agak cuak sebenarnya, siap double check lagi jawapan aku tu. Last-last lulus jugak. Hehe aku dah excited nak drive lepas tu.

Lepas tu, masa nak balik akak cina tu ada pesan suruh bawak salinan ic, gambar and duit semua. Aku pun blah la. Pastu dah seminggu, tak ada apape berita. Aku macam wonder la, kawan aku kurang seminggu dah dapat lesen L. Asal, result aku tak valid ke apa? Aku pun call la akak tu balik nak tanya. Pastu akak tu jawab, ‘’Haritu kan i kasitahu u kena bayar dulu, baru boleh belajar maa’’. OMG Aku rasa nak bagi satu das f-words. Tapi taklah. Tak sempat sebab aura baik aku dah keluar dulu. So, aku pun cakap ha jelah. Itulah, masa haritu dia cakap macam tu je, so aku assume dia akan call for the next class. Tengok2, apa pun tak bagitahu. Geram jugaklah sebab dia tak ada communication skill, dahlah loghat dia pun aku tak faham. Husnudzon lah sikit eh. Lepas bayar tu, aku tunggu punya tunggu, last-last aku nak call balik macam mana progression nya. Tapi aku takut, so aku suruh mama yang call. Baruuuu dia book first class untuk aku. Kau bayangkan lepas sebulan, baru dia book. Lepas result, baru aku dapat tempat. Padahal bulan 1 tu aku dah lulu test. Kurang ajar tak? Selagi aku tak call, selagitulah dia takkan proceed. Amende jenis agency aku tak tahulah. Itupun dia cakap dekat whatsapp . So, lepas resultlah baru aku dapat belajar. Sepatutnya time tu aku dah lulus jpj dah.

First-first tu memang excited nak drive. Tapi, my first driving class ke laut seteruk-teruknya. Aku rasa down gila ah. So, nanti lah aku sambung sebab rasa nak explode ni bila teringat balik. Bye.

Mar 9, 2016

I am Blessed Enough

Alhamdulillah. First off, i feel so blessed on these few days. The fact that i went through a hectic year so far, the most hectic year of all. 

So, today I want to share about my great day and of course Im not being full of myself, I just want to share this happiness, like yea if you're happy about something, is it a crime just to share and expose about it? No right. 

So on the night before my result day, i was having a really tough night. I couldnt sleep and it felt so hot like dude, i need a bed of ice right now. I kept thinking about what reaction that i have to make, if i get good result, if i get a normal one or what if i get straight a's? Those imagination kept getting in my mind and tell me what to do. Can I just sleep and endure whatever that is coming? Hella no. I was nervous as heck. So, I could only start sleeping at 2. And after fajr, I slept back because it was too creepy to wait for the sunrise, to realise that the fact that it was the day. lol me.

So, I did not eat on that morning, felt like didnt want to. My whole morning was like 'i wanna puke, i wanna puke, i wanna puke'. God, that feeling is much way scarier than coming for an interview. So, we went out a little bit late because mom wanted us to take selfies. Yea you know mom, she LOVES to take selfies. And of course, I follow her steps. Well during that 1-hour-journey, I checked my twitter timeline and instagram, so some of friends posted their nervous-looking-face and some posted photos of the main hall, juniors and all i wanted to do was puke. I really really wanted to and I almost asked mom to stop at the highway, but I thought positively and okay I needed to eat something real quick. And I ate half of the RM 0.85 Gardenia chocolate bread and plain water. That mini heart attack was mom wanted to stop for a while at the nearby RnR right after I called Syikin and i was told about the statistic of straight a's students in Malaysia decreased and yea, I saw a little change in mom's face but it is acceptable right?! Because those damn papers were really tough.

I know she was just joking, so she pretended that she was okay, but I know, nope. She was really hoping that i'd be one of the straight a's students. Damnization, mom please, i aint perfect. Sooooooooooo, when we got there, I seated separately from mom bcause she took the closest seat from the stage. ARE U KIDDING ME NOO. I WONT SEAT THERE. So, I took a seat beside my best friends, Syikin and Syafira with Syikin's family and her adorable little sister and brothers. THEY WERE SO DAMN CUTE AND I ALMOST FORGOT THE MAIN POINT OF MY VISIT ACTUALLY. lol

The announcement was too slow and I cant resist the beating of my hearbeats, and I held their hands and mine were sweaty as heck. Maybe I was kinda excited, so i sent an sms first to know my result but, i didnt check it. Stupid right? I wasted 40 cent for that but no. I wanted to see my slip first. Well, at first I expected that I'd only get 7 or 6 a's because I know what was I doing for the past 3 months. For my school, there were 22 students who got straight a's and one student who got straight a+ and obviously I knew who was that one genius person. So, after a few names were announced by the teacher, I was quite surprised because some of them are so not in my expectation at all. And at that moment, i just realised that damn it is a miracle, Im witnessing a miracle. wow. I gave a big genuine applause for them because i was so so happy. And I wanted to text mom actually at that moment that please just dont expect anything high from me. Most of my classmates were there, up on the stage. Couldnt feel more proud to be theirs. 

And after 17 students have been announced, I was really nervous___ and there, my name was announced on the 18th one. I stood up a little bit late because owmygod, is this real?! I saw my mom in front there, and i walked really fast because it was awkward to walk in the middle of everyone lol I kissed her hand and hug her and aw, that was one of my beautiful moment in my entire life. My hard work finally paid off. My patience, my tears, all of those were moments to remember. And, I finally witnessed my own miracle. :)

Yea, I felt sad because my best friends were not there with me on the stage. But actually, that was their achievement and i was happy for them for what have they achieved. Knowing the fact that maybe it was the last time i could meet them, it was kinda heartbreaking moment ever. I was really happy to see my friends thanked me for teaching them all this while even though I know I didnt teach them a lot, but I felt appreciated and you know, it was great to be able to help them. Oh god, Ill always remember those nights when we slept at 2, and walk around aspuri to memorize history and made calls to someone, and had 2 big cups of nescaffe. lol you can hardly have friends like them. They were the best people in my life.

I met my juniors too, and they still remembered me yeay . The teachers as well. But, i didnt see Sir Mano because he wasnt there. For me, he is the best teacher and he gave me no G for addmaths throughout my 2 years there. He'd asked me in EVERY class and im one of those lucky stars to do addmaths on the whiteboard, but thanks for that, it really worked on me. :) 

But the best of all was, my mom. She is the best of me. All i wanted to share is with my mom. Couldnt thank her more for coming every 2 weeks, for giving money, for buying lots of food, for loving me and the most important one is, for trusting me that i can do it. 

Heres to a new beginning

So these are some of my close juniors 

These two are my close friends and ofc my beloved deskmates and classmates.

Right there are my beautiful batchmates 

These one are my best annoying friends ever. and excuse my retarded face.

Here's my pretty mom, with pretty good heart 

And lastly, this is 5 Suria, where you can find those genius, pretties, the funny ones, the bizarre ones but we had fun through out the hectic year. 

Mar 7, 2016

Miracle March

Assalamualaikum and good evening to ya guys. Alhamdulillah. I've just updated my upu application and all those scholarships. I'm blessed. I took 3 hours to settle these down and I'm halfway done. Just a little bit progression that i have to make. 

So, I really wanna talk about my experience on my spm result day but I got no time indeed. Busy-kinda-person (just doing nothing) ;-;. I really really want to share it here but, but just another time because my fingers are all cramped because i got my first driving class yesterday ( I want to share about his too). I was kinda being bullied by the workers there and all i wanted to do is spitting so many F-words but I spoke Astaghfirullah instead. 

LOL. I really missed writing and I cannot wait for my next update wuhu.