Mar 18, 2016

SPM Candidate?

Oh God, the temperature tonight is no joke. I'm sweating like heck plus i wear all black tonight because i think i look cool in black. No, not hipster but i feel rock! 

Well okay~ Actually, i wanted to give some of my spm preparation. Lol, it isnt all about preparation, but it's actually about my routine. What did i do and all of those maybe can burst out your positive vibes and the mood to start it from now. Because what can i see from my sister, who's an spm candidate for this year, she doesnt ever give a damn about it. I could only see her study during the last minute and she stayed up all night until fajr to study, and during test, she would be like a zombie plus her short term memory didnt help at all. 

So, as a residential school student, i was really lucky to stay in such a place and perhaps some will think that we were like prisoners, no gadgets at all. No, youre totally wrong. 

Here's mine:

#1 Gadgets?

It is normal to own one but, you must control your play time. As for me, cellphone is my biggest enemy since i will stalk people on Instagram, post tweets that arent important at all, chatting with not-so-important people. Thats from my point of view. Im so grateful bcs in residential school, normally there will be spotcheck for every month maybe? So, we just brought a cheap one, very cheap one. And i can just call my mom, and text her prolly every 3 days lol. I was having homesick so bad but i didnt call my mom everyday and i was happy with my friends around. So, for me, i saw some of my friends brought smart phones and no offense, but their grades were not so ______. Believe me, cellphones are the worst enemy of all. I saw my friends were chatting, on the phone every night, and i dont know what did they do with their cellphones, just because of that, they didnt bother to even take out a book, and read. well, last minute people will end up like last minute result. Im not judging people, but i have a smartphone too. I only used it at home during holidays and not other than that. Come on, it's just for a few months. You dont have to be a geek just to score straight a's.

#2 Timing

Ugh i reallyyyyy hate this part because every damn day, i felt like i had not enough time to study, to sleep (i love to sleep). So, what have i learnt from my experience in residential school was:

4.30 am: Wake up and take a shower (damn cold lol). If possible, do perform tahajjud.

5.10 am: Read books. As for me, it's a perfect time to read Biology and History. I never do addmaths early in the morning. In the morning, u'll easily get some facts and inputs bcs your mind is fresh after taking a shower.

5.45 am: I got ready in a complete school uniform and go to the mosque to perform subuh. In my school, we usually perform 2 rakaah of sunah prayers. 

6.15 am: I took my breakfast and go to the class and do my homework, or else, i'll read.

7.30 - 
2.45 pm: I have classes as usual

2.45 pm: I perform zuhr and have my lunch.

3.30 pm: Back for extra class.

5.00 pm: Asar at the mosque and i went back to my dorm and washed clothes and did some works because i had to be all independent :(

6.00 pm: I would be in bed and take a nap, and do addmaths or physics or chemistry, and  then take nap back, and study back, and sleep. I dont know. Thats my routine because i was too tired. You dont have to be stressful, just enjoy your leisure time. Prolly, you can sleep until maghrib.

6.50 pm: Dinner and maghrib

8.00 pm: I had prep and at that time i'll do revision and sometimes i'd do homework. But i hate homework because i loved to procrastinate so i just left it and did my revision especially for chemistry and physics. 

10.00 pm: Back and you can do whatever you want. But, I  usually went to my friends' dorms and talk and eat snacks and mingle with people around. You see, no cellphone at all. I just used it only for calls and texts and musics. No anti-social. Normally, I'd sleep at 11.30 because i love sleeping so i didnt want to waste it by doing stupid things. Even with the lights on or off, i dont care. But i prefer no lights at all. I hate lights.

So listen. I dont get it why certain people are so lazy to do revision, to read, i mean reading is my passion, i really really love it. why not? It's just an excuse if you insist that you dont have enough time. well bullshits. You have 3 and 1/2 hours for your cellphone yet, youre still complaining about homework. Why? because you do it last minute. 

#3 Exam?

Ikr. It's the most stressful week for me and ofc for everyone. But the best thing is, you dont hv homework yeay. I usually stay up until 12.30 and go to sleep because, i cant put in so much facts in the peak hour. I feel that it's a waste to just let go your sleeping time, seeing my friends, who sleep early. Sleeping is heaven. So, when some of your friends ask for your help for certain subjects, what do you feel when you're tired? I feel annoyed. NOoo. I can help you, but not in the exam week. nope. You can ask me to teach you the whole book if you want to, but please not in the exam week. Ive my weakness side to be brushed up too! ugh, i hate this kind of people. They just find us whenever they feel uncomfortable about the upcoming test, but they dont even think about mine? Gosh, I really want to help but find me 2 weeks before exam week starts. I cant sleep early because of that i cant do revision on the topics that i am week at. Im not being a snobbish, but i want to do revision too right? So... just ask your friends to teach you anytime before the exam week. Dont make them to feel annoyed about you, being that way. Why do they find us at the very last minute? Because they dont even start it before it. Just dont procrastinate to revise your weak subjects. 

#4 Revision

Normally, I'd revise two weeks before the exam week especially for chemistry, biology and history. lol for maths, a night before is just enough because all you need to do is exercises. Trust me, it will work on you. The same old questions will pop out and you dont have to be worried about that. 


p/s: im not good in giving tips, i just state what ive been doing all this time, feel free to practice it ^^


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