Mar 9, 2016

I am Blessed Enough

Alhamdulillah. First off, i feel so blessed on these few days. The fact that i went through a hectic year so far, the most hectic year of all. 

So, today I want to share about my great day and of course Im not being full of myself, I just want to share this happiness, like yea if you're happy about something, is it a crime just to share and expose about it? No right. 

So on the night before my result day, i was having a really tough night. I couldnt sleep and it felt so hot like dude, i need a bed of ice right now. I kept thinking about what reaction that i have to make, if i get good result, if i get a normal one or what if i get straight a's? Those imagination kept getting in my mind and tell me what to do. Can I just sleep and endure whatever that is coming? Hella no. I was nervous as heck. So, I could only start sleeping at 2. And after fajr, I slept back because it was too creepy to wait for the sunrise, to realise that the fact that it was the day. lol me.

So, I did not eat on that morning, felt like didnt want to. My whole morning was like 'i wanna puke, i wanna puke, i wanna puke'. God, that feeling is much way scarier than coming for an interview. So, we went out a little bit late because mom wanted us to take selfies. Yea you know mom, she LOVES to take selfies. And of course, I follow her steps. Well during that 1-hour-journey, I checked my twitter timeline and instagram, so some of friends posted their nervous-looking-face and some posted photos of the main hall, juniors and all i wanted to do was puke. I really really wanted to and I almost asked mom to stop at the highway, but I thought positively and okay I needed to eat something real quick. And I ate half of the RM 0.85 Gardenia chocolate bread and plain water. That mini heart attack was mom wanted to stop for a while at the nearby RnR right after I called Syikin and i was told about the statistic of straight a's students in Malaysia decreased and yea, I saw a little change in mom's face but it is acceptable right?! Because those damn papers were really tough.

I know she was just joking, so she pretended that she was okay, but I know, nope. She was really hoping that i'd be one of the straight a's students. Damnization, mom please, i aint perfect. Sooooooooooo, when we got there, I seated separately from mom bcause she took the closest seat from the stage. ARE U KIDDING ME NOO. I WONT SEAT THERE. So, I took a seat beside my best friends, Syikin and Syafira with Syikin's family and her adorable little sister and brothers. THEY WERE SO DAMN CUTE AND I ALMOST FORGOT THE MAIN POINT OF MY VISIT ACTUALLY. lol

The announcement was too slow and I cant resist the beating of my hearbeats, and I held their hands and mine were sweaty as heck. Maybe I was kinda excited, so i sent an sms first to know my result but, i didnt check it. Stupid right? I wasted 40 cent for that but no. I wanted to see my slip first. Well, at first I expected that I'd only get 7 or 6 a's because I know what was I doing for the past 3 months. For my school, there were 22 students who got straight a's and one student who got straight a+ and obviously I knew who was that one genius person. So, after a few names were announced by the teacher, I was quite surprised because some of them are so not in my expectation at all. And at that moment, i just realised that damn it is a miracle, Im witnessing a miracle. wow. I gave a big genuine applause for them because i was so so happy. And I wanted to text mom actually at that moment that please just dont expect anything high from me. Most of my classmates were there, up on the stage. Couldnt feel more proud to be theirs. 

And after 17 students have been announced, I was really nervous___ and there, my name was announced on the 18th one. I stood up a little bit late because owmygod, is this real?! I saw my mom in front there, and i walked really fast because it was awkward to walk in the middle of everyone lol I kissed her hand and hug her and aw, that was one of my beautiful moment in my entire life. My hard work finally paid off. My patience, my tears, all of those were moments to remember. And, I finally witnessed my own miracle. :)

Yea, I felt sad because my best friends were not there with me on the stage. But actually, that was their achievement and i was happy for them for what have they achieved. Knowing the fact that maybe it was the last time i could meet them, it was kinda heartbreaking moment ever. I was really happy to see my friends thanked me for teaching them all this while even though I know I didnt teach them a lot, but I felt appreciated and you know, it was great to be able to help them. Oh god, Ill always remember those nights when we slept at 2, and walk around aspuri to memorize history and made calls to someone, and had 2 big cups of nescaffe. lol you can hardly have friends like them. They were the best people in my life.

I met my juniors too, and they still remembered me yeay . The teachers as well. But, i didnt see Sir Mano because he wasnt there. For me, he is the best teacher and he gave me no G for addmaths throughout my 2 years there. He'd asked me in EVERY class and im one of those lucky stars to do addmaths on the whiteboard, but thanks for that, it really worked on me. :) 

But the best of all was, my mom. She is the best of me. All i wanted to share is with my mom. Couldnt thank her more for coming every 2 weeks, for giving money, for buying lots of food, for loving me and the most important one is, for trusting me that i can do it. 

Heres to a new beginning

So these are some of my close juniors 

These two are my close friends and ofc my beloved deskmates and classmates.

Right there are my beautiful batchmates 

These one are my best annoying friends ever. and excuse my retarded face.

Here's my pretty mom, with pretty good heart 

And lastly, this is 5 Suria, where you can find those genius, pretties, the funny ones, the bizarre ones but we had fun through out the hectic year. 


  1. weh put best lah. terima kasih tau jadi mentor aku ajar aku macam macam. sedih bila fikir kena bawak haluan masing masing tapiii kita kan duduk dekat. jumpa ahad 20 hb nanti haha

    1. Haha poyo je jadi mentor apa. Yasssss in sya Allah kita boleh je selalu jumpa. Jumpa next week ofc!


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