Jun 26, 2013

new one babeh

Hi  everyone. This picture was originally snapped by me. I just used my phone to capture this instead of using a digital camera. But, by using  digital camera or  dslr, the result will be wayy better than using ur phone camera. Even it is a smartphone. Somehow, it depends on how you snap it, and the quality of the camera. Like aa hahaha. And of course the megapixel or megabyte? I really dont know about this kind of stuff. noob perhaps.gadget bye. 

I've this kind of hobby since this morning. I love to be snapped before but now, i literally love to capture cute thinggies, like kawaii stuff. imma pink lovah. IDK some people assume that pink color is very common among lame girls. totally disagreed. typical malaysian. whatever it is, pink always lights up my world *like nobody else* So, this is my first try of capturing kawaii stuff *it isnt a kawaii stuff! It's besi buruk something that attracted me to have it*. YOLO

Fyi, i really love to see those photos on tumblr cos they are too cute! Sightseeing in this cute world brings me happiness as well, besides running man muah ha ha. aint kidding mann. The static things would calm yourself even they're STATIC. sorry, im wayy into science fact since ive learnt bout electrostatic movement in static things which can flow an electric current and the negative charges will move to other one and can be tested by using electroscope an vande graff. *having my own blog really helps me in memorizing notes* kahkah

as the conclusion, this is my current hobby babeh. Due to the upcoming pre-trial pmr, i couldnt get myself to update my blog like 24/7. It's not because of my study, it's about what would be others' perception bout my study progression. lol kbye. 

p;s: seems like ipoh is getting better since the haze ipu is decreasing since it was raining lately. good for adults. bad for the students cos we're hoping for a holiday. just one day aff, and we are happy?! 

Jun 15, 2013


Assalam. Today is the first day of second term of school session. Hiks i really had some great moments last week during le' two weeks of holidays. so much fun. really. InsyaAllah ill keep updating bout my wonderful vacation maybe as soon as possible. felt awkward when it comes to writing. how come, i didnt know the correct way of holding a pen. muah ha ha. 

30 days till ramadhan. MasyaAllah. im really excited for the day to come. Idk. Hihiks

Eh sebenarnya aku nak straight to the main point iaitu, lagi 30 hari nak bulan ramadhan. Now, kita di bulan syaaban ni. And of course tak silap aku, masa bulan puasa tu trial PMR. Ya Allah, cepatnya masa berlalu. seriously, aku ingat aku baru start tahun ni bulan januari. Tapi, bagus lah jugak cos aku memang nak cepat2 masa berlalu. lol Tak sabar nak habis sekolah, masuk u, grad. apa lagi, kawin lah ah. 

Kawin. *Perkara yang selalu perempuan cakap. But, sesetengah orang dia tengah couple, and at the same time, diorang harap yang their relationship tu kekal lama till jannah. Okay whatever lah, bagi diorang. Bagus la cinta start drpd budak2 lg. ._. lego yolooow. Seriously, kalau nk jumpa lelaki skrg ni mmg susah bg aku. sebab aku sekolah perempuan, and nasib baik la kans tusyen campur2. So, pandai-pandai la hidup. bey. :p