Dec 31, 2015


Hello. First off, happy new year! I hope for a better one in this 2016 yea more blessings. I dont know what should i feel right now. I am not quite happy because i cant just leave my memories in '15 to be faded away, just like that. Whether they were the bad one, or the good one. I just missed the memories that ive been through out all the year. 

The funniest part is, i wished my best friends at the peak hour, which was at 0000. And yea because i love them, with all my heart. But, i just got one from my former indian friend. He just sent me a new year wish and just that. Yea not to mention their reply wish, hehe i got that but right after i wished first. I am kinda sad and i dont even know why. Early 2016 is not as good as early 2015. I feel, lonely? yup, i need someone to unlonely me haha? well, i just need to hit the sack and hope for a better dream right but come on, it is new year dude, you should not give your body a comforting comforter and pillows. Well the movies are hell boring and i havent get back my hard disk. Its already 2016 dude, when do you want to return bak my hard disk, moron. Uh, everyone sucks.. I am honestly, genuinely hate right now. It is just super boring, and everyone was hell busy with their smartphone, and I dont hv one (yea excluding whatsapp. just whatsapp. i just hv that in my phone since i lost my cell last year). Perhaps i should read a book. :( something is just not right. and it ruins my kind of new day, new year? bye guys, hv a blast.

Dec 29, 2015

Page 364/365

I am truly not believing this whole thing. Seriously dude, well I never thought that it would be so fast. Im gonna be 18!! I can watch 18+ movies and i dont need to sneak in. I can drive!!! Naww I havent go for the 6 hours talk for my car license yet. So slow and pathetic. I remember that my first day in 2015 was a little bit awful in which i had a diary and i wrote every single thing in it. I still have it though. During my toughest time at school, i would write everything that happened, what did i experience, what ive been through all the day in the journal. Im pretty sure tht your guys name were in there too. Bye Im not going to buy it for 2016. Well I think nothing will be come out in this year. Perhaps ill be enrolled into the college in the second half of the year 2016. So before that time, I guess Ill be staying at home doing nothing like, right now. I want to work, but i dont have a job. People are too judgemental, that some of them want to hire the non muslim one, the free hair one. Whats going on with Malaysia oh my god. It was quite surprising but predictable. Ive gone through this bookstore, and the manager said that they need only the non muslim one, but sadly the manager is a muslim, wearing hijab as well. okay perhaps it was full already yeah tryna be husnudzon but my i cant handle my temper tantrum.  Ive been looking through out the mall, there is no job vacancy, not even one. Just a few small kiosk. So okay, I gave them my cell number but nah i didnt get any calls or texts. Maybe bcs its chinese. yeah maybe i shouldnt go to work at this stage of ages, maybe i should stay at home and enjoy while im still free and not yet married. lol? It is kinda sad that some people that i was so close to is not here, they're not staying with me celebrating new year, no new years wish, the people that were close to me at the early 2015 is no longer here at the early 2016. I wonder, why they came if they already planned to leave? This is unfair isnt it? :(  Happy 2016 in advance! Any goals? Getting fit.