Dec 23, 2016

3 Days Before Finals

*keep on replaying dirgahayu by faizal tahir and dato siti*

Not a kind of girl who listen to malay songs frequently but what so ever, i started to like it :p Not all, but generally, some are acceptable. And you know, the way faizal tahir sings, oh god, it was such an eargasm. *okay tryna avoid from being so high*.

Well, i am actually running out of ideas of what i wanted to write but i wanted to write so much because i like too. Sorry guys haha. 

There was a time, when you really like someone, but you could not get to know him/her more. It feels like you are in your own world imagining things that are not happening literally. It takes two to tango. You realize that they are not meant for you, they do not even care about you or perhaps they do not even realize the tiny existence of you yet, you are still hoping and hoping. Is that possible? You know the truth, you know what's happening but you still try to assume that 'perhaps something good is happening, perhaps it is just my bizarre feeling'. is that even true? 

Lol why am i like this. Why do i used to thinking about this stuff. Bet it is too early for me. But you know, I cannot resist it. And i cannot fathom my own feeling at all. It is acidic and dangerous. Like no one could play with it. Guess i should be sleeping/studying right now. Sorry everyone. Wallahualam.

Dec 2, 2016



Hello everyone! Thanks for reading my entry. I appreciate it a lot. Believe me, I'm truly not a good writer. So...... you can see it when you read mine. Lol, anyway, i was so busy back at those days before. I had tons of tests and assignments, and presentations and yet, I still procrastinated a lot. By watching k-dramas and went for a harry potter marathon. Screw myself.

Nonetheless, i feel like i wanna share with you about my experience in dealing with some people who are so typical saying stupid stuffs and gibbering way too much. Well, of course it's about my study here. How do i deal with this sorta people etc. 

It all starts with the term 'course' or 'program'. You see here, I'm in Bioscience program in which it is called sains hayat in malay. Perhaps this was just our destiny to be sorted into this program. Yup, my mistake because i chose carelessly last year (because i'm not a-lab-kinda-person) when the upu application came out but i feel grateful of course to be given this course. But, it is all different here. The students itself (some of them, not all. but in general, yep) claim that biosc is such a quite low standard among all the science courses like we stoop quite low. Ok, i know it is not true at all, but deep inside, it hurts my heart like you know, when people said that, 'omg i rather take this course instead of biosc' or 'biosc is my last choice'. Yup, that kind of words. Who on earth doesnt feel offended about it? 

Hello gurl, you are talking while im standing here beside you, listening to every word that you spill out. *sigh* dont you know how to respect people. As if im not listening, or i dont give a damn about you , judging my course. It is offensive as hell. And here, Biosc is the only course that will not be having any interview. Yea, all courses including the 3 critical courses, nursing and allied health science. I dont care about the interview, but it feels like biosc isnt important at all. Im not saying biosc is a bad course, no. But i loathe it a lot when people make an assumption that this course is not good. Okay, up to you. Your choice right. 

I dont know if a person could say such thing to a friend, but i wont. Do think before you speak. I dont even care about the level or standard of all the courses here. And because of that, you dont have to make a comparison btw them. I mean, please and please be matured as you're already 18. Thanks.

Well, people will say whatever they want to say, but me, or you or anyone else (who experiences this just like me) will not give a single damn about it. Keep on fighting and pray to God, that we will be given barakah for seeking ilm, a halal ilm, and of course good grades, and last but not least, a good profession. Ameen.