Sep 9, 2017

Degree Kicks In

Assalamualaikum guys!
Here, I’ll tell you the whole story of my life at my first phase of degree. Dgree sounds exciting, but mine is the worst. Lol yes, it has just been 3 days but I still assume it as a bad beginner. Please stay with me till the end thanks! :’)

Right now, I’m on my 4th day of my first year in med school. I changed my course and Alhamdulillah, I was accepted :) Me and another 8 students were accepted into this course. Feels good when you have another ones joining you. But, yea, there are 6 girls and 2 boys. The 2 boys were my classmates back in foundation, while the other 5 girls arent. I barely knew them. 4 of them were classmates and close (of course), and another 1 were a year older than me and she got plenty of close friends in our course. ME? I have nobody. I know a few friends anyway, but we arent that close. So this is my point here, I feel lonely. My friends are all in different course and college. So, I’m here alone.

During ta’aruf week, almost all the time I did all alone, I ate alone, I walked alone, I rode the bus alone. Lol just a couple of time that I joined my old friends but that was temporary. Basically, I’m a loner. Gurl, God want to test me, right? It isnt surely easy. I mean, getting into med school (out of all other applicants), there must be some tests for me. And I guess this is it. Pray for me so I’ll get used to it and bear all of this. I learned one new thing, independence. I can feel that Im big enough that I did all alone! I believe on one fine day, I’ll have my own car, pay the house and the car’s loan all by myself at the bank, buying groceries alone. Dude, this is just the beginning. More challenges to come! Now, I already feel it when I saw some people who were just alone and independent by themselves but successfully did it. I respect you guys! I mean, what’s the odd of being alone right? Bih, I’m kinda clingy, so thats why haha.

By the way, yesterday, all the medical students had to attend a kulliyyah briefing by the dean. So, yea we’ll be facing a lot. There’s no time to play around. Medicine is very tough, I mean the toughest, right? I’ll tell you guys soon of whats gonna happen of my first week of classes. And I cant wait to nail my first block! We called it ‘block’ instead of ‘semester’. Basically, 2 blocks=1 semester. We got different days of holiday so there will be certain times that we have classes, but nope for the other kulliyyah. Another thing that I cannot wait is clinical years! I cant wait to go to the hospitals and have my own stethoscope and checking on the patients. God, thats my dream from standard 1. haha. 

Overall, I still need to blend in and mingle with the medical students, because like it or not, we're in the same class for 5 years, InsyaAllah. Only Allah could help me. Oh anyway, Ive seen some of my friends' true colors. When you're in trouble or not, that's so cliche and random. They're everywhere! I dont wanna recall what ive done for them but yea, karma is a bitch. Y'all will feel exactly what I felt. I aint praying something bad for you guys, but just pray that you will do good. Cause what you give, you take back. Easy peazy. So, first call starts on this Monday! I'm excited! New world, new syllabus :) Cant wait to seek ilm :) Pray for me guys. May the force be with me and I could stay strong through all my journey. Ameen.