Aug 8, 2017

Random 101

I had a mental breakdown when i was reading the breakup scene in To All the Boys Ive Loved Before. I swear, it hit me right in my heart cause i can feel it well. It seems like Im that girl, and losing the guy that i love is painful. lol Who's that guy? Peter Kavinsky he is. Finally, I have read all the series and I will do my very own book review soon ;)

So, yea. writing about the book is mainly about how do i feel, my sorrow, my agony, my jealousy and all when they break up. lmao, my heart felt like it has been stabbed with tons of needles when i read it. Have you ever felt that? Or is it just me who are too much enjoying her reading? Haha. My mom once mocked me for over reacting by just reading novels. I guess that's my real passion. 

So, what exactly did i feel is, i feel the pain and sorrow in the girl. Well, the thing is she's the one who wanted to break up but of course, it's because she's in disappointment! The thing that makes me so down is because the guy, Peter is such a genuine, humble and perfect guy. Thus i feel like that's her worst decision ever. Like hell i am so used to know someone like this. The fact that she went through all the weeks without talking to the guy, even though they're classmates in their high school, but still, nope, I can relate that to myself. No, never been in a relationship before but i do felt how is it like to distance yourself from someone special. 

Some may say that why are you exaggerating? lol I got no answer for that. It's our natural response. Metaphorically, it is involuntary action. (not a fact though). Haha. So yea 

It takes two to tango. But i just have one. So, I need to call it a day. 

I've just read a thread on Twitter about a girl, she found her way back to her first love after 6 years of breaking up! Wow! That's a miracle. Jodoh it is. It doesnt matter even if you dont expect at all to be with someone, the fate will take you to the path. I'm so impressed by her story because it is so spontaneous. She told there that she cannot forget him since then, she almost gave up but suddenly, a rainbow came after the dark storm. It's beautifully written isnt it? You just cannot lose hope. Pray to Him. (Same in my case lol). The right one is still fresh in my mind but losing contact for 2 years already. I might not know my future, but hoping isnt a sin right. 

Phew. Whatever it is, I will start my degree in September soon. More happy years to come, more challenges to face, more loves to earn! 

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