Feb 13, 2013


Kinda bored. Oh, i have some work to do. But, i have no mood for that. Too lame~ (what? LAME?!) sorry. lol Please don't mind about the title. Coz i'm in love with that song. blabla. Yeah I know, it sounds lame. It's 'ear fun' by CN Blue and it was released since last year okay. I'm pretty sure even though you are not a 'kpopper' or anti-kpop, you'll hit the replay button all the time. ceh. ain't kidding...

Actually goiysss, I wrote this entry because i dont know what should i do in 1 week break?! Homework is for sure. But, it is about this equation: HOLIDAYS=REST!
But, what's going on nowadays. The teachers give their students a lot of homework and we, students have no time for that. of course. hehe. We have to do some housework and sleep. Yeah you know, during school session, we dont have much time to rest. It is because of the curriculum activities (3 times a week) and the 'bazillion' homework.  

Hihi Plus the social network is waving! hyeehyee. The cute 'wave' brought me here. tweeting, blogging, facebooking, stalking,  instagraming, tumblring, but no ask.fming. because it is a waste.people ask, then we answer. And some people are anonymous. geheel. And they ask about stupid questions. Freaking funny coz sometimes we might ask ourselves and answer back. haha And click the 'random questions' to avoid from being forever alone.lol

And ah please 'no tv, no life'. how could we live without tv. okay i know some people can, but i CAN'T. Because i'm bored. :'( sometimes, the tv shows is useless. like uhm Nad nad nad nad nada cintak. no doubts, it's really useless. Oh ya, and i love to watch running man. ive post bout this 2 times aleady. hihi this variety show can make you laugh sampai ________. There's one funny incident hanya disebabkan oleh running man. LOL takkan dilupakan. :P

Ah harapan menjadi layu. Cukuplah entry kali ni yang sikit tapi bermakna untuk aku. pfffffffft. Recently,i got 6 A's and 2 B's for my first exam. AH the couple 'B' is science and BM. silly mistakes opcos. :D i repeat, TAHUN NI PMR! and please listen, listen,isten,listen,listen to this--> hehe 

And of course I minat yong hwa. aaa yaa he's really really cute. :D byeo. 


  1. Chincha he yo? Lol. Come on Nono, PMR. When I speak, you listen! Btw cngrts for ze results! Muahx

  2. Chincha.. yeah please, listen, listen, listen, listen. Hahaha trima kasehh. bebanyak. <3


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