May 2, 2015

I wrote this on 19th March just fyi

So, i guess its already 12 and im sitting here like heck waiting for an internet connection but nayy. mom shutted off the wifi for a month?! and she asked us to subscribe internet plan in our smartphones. The heck is that i dont have one so bye.. You want to know the funniest part? Im writting now in notepad because of no internet connection. So, you would be shock if you see this post published on the wrong time. yea, wrong timing.

I feel like ive just unpacked my stinky stuff and now is already thursday? fk that. smh. fk is freak kid. or you assume that its the bad word. yeah. i was just cursing. sorry. f-u-c-k? is that the correct spelling? im innocent idk. seriously, im not writting a double meaning post so, that f-u-c-k is not what i meant. SERIOUSLY. im so genuine. thanks again. welcome. no biggie. my pleasure. UH i hate my life..

Im scared that i will not pass my physics, bio, and chemistry. im not so confident with my addmaths but my trust in sir mano.. ha ha ha. kinda. the fact that i never failed my addmaths paper so i think its the best cure for my doubt. i mean no doubt, insyaAllah. So far, my modmaths and history paper were good. i never thought that i would get so excellent in those killer subjects (not so killing but they are all killing me slowly). could i get applause? ok lets play hide and clap. 

my life in 5 suria ( which they call the kelas langit followed by kelas bumi, kerak bumi and so on). I dont know. im not so happy. and im not too sad. i have my best buddies to gossip with but i cant find the sincerity in socializing with them (except my girls). well maybe yes and maybe no. i found tht im lack of chemistry between some of the guys or gals. idk pls help me. i sit at the back of the class with the sleepyhead girls so that is soooo acceptable. we make jokes, we laugh, we do gossip, so dont you ever call us _the passive girls behind_ whatever. yes, there were some guys calling us that way. it was stupid seriously. your mentality is beneath your existence. or you never exist now tell me that. idiot la you.

do you have a problem with your whatsapp contacts? well i do!!! a lot. its my luck that ive no internet connection that they cant contact me through social media but i do have hotspot partner. twehee. so, i guess there is no excuse to not reply my text. i mean blue ticks are hella obvious so no doubt. there are two things:

1) they've seen it but they forgot to reply.

2) they've seen it but they assume that im such the last person in their -the-most-important-person-list-. so, maybe after 2 years ahead, they will keep in view my text, or hella delete it im such that rubbish huh fk that. (i told you fk doesnt mean so bad it is freak kid). 

Seriously, everyone!!!?? would you please reply my text. Yass i need attention. im sick of this kinda people who doesnt know how to reply one's text. you better throw away your fking iphone or else give it to me. im just kidding. it is your right to give a reply or not. yeah. im so lame. lame put lame. at school, they call me lame. esp bat! shes the one who i treat as the most freaking stupid gal but shes my babe and i love her. shes kinda short but hv a pair of nice legs (i mean short and beautiful). shes the one who understands me. shes the one who gives me the tips on facing my lad. the perfect thing is shes so genuine. no fake in her life dictionary so fakers go away.ok back to the lazies who dont reply mine. sobs. is there any award for a lone ranger? i would be the winner. sigh. 

so just now, we went to mydin mall to buy my rations. and there you go when i was at the counter paying for those things, the woman who was on duty was HELLA WEIRD. she looked at me in a serious way (plus the ghost and horror face she made uh i feel awkward and awful) Shes an indian. so, i was daydreaming about the woman who was in a movie called blabla (shes a ghost and the ghost looked like the cashier alot so i screamed inside). and then i smiled to her, and she didnt smile back and she looked at me for a about 10 seconds with the freaky face she made. and i think she annoyed me somehow. wtf is that holy weird. all i think was i just wanna go home right away and there you come those u-mobile team pursuing me to join the club. lul i was not in the mood bcs i was highly in the mood of that-indian-ghostly-faced-bah. 

guess what?!!! last night i was searching for my last years addmaths books and the shelves were kinda messy and im having sore eye because of that plus this left side of mucus runway. (if you get what i mean). and my face is all red. and i cant wait for december. where freedom comes muahahaha (bullshot its miles away) bye. i love you but you dont love me but i want you anyway so if you dont want me, you have to get to me first or else, die die die

im sorry im a lil bit in a depression tonight.. but my love for you (kalau kau nak perasan pun boleh) is hashtag till jannah. Assalamualaikum. :)

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