May 31, 2015


I'll let you set the pace 
Cause im not thinking straight

tell me im lame. i dont care.

I was home approx at 4 yesterday. 4 weeks been tormented with loads of works and killer papers yep they were killing me drastically. I got just 2 or 3 more test before the big one. spooky right? I never thought that ill embark this phase. I mean i didnt realise that ive been moving through a year of stupendous pains. i was in pain. 2014 was a really tough year for me. there were too much of new stuff that i had to adapt. But i did it. ongrats (short cute shortform for congratulations)

this is not a form of sigh. sigh. sigh. i hate when people tell me to not to complain whereas i just told them about my 'exciting' life out there and all they say is just stop complaining can ya. 

mengeluh okay. tak mengeluh pun. nak cakap je. too much of judgement ke ko yang tengah dalam phase psychic ni. lol well i dont have much to say just HOME IS THE BEST PLACE AFTER ALL walaupun selalu gaduh dengan budak2 kat rumah ni. whatever they never tell me to shut up unlike youuuuuu bye

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