Feb 19, 2018

1 am

Is it common for a person to always feel like what he/she is doing is not working . It means that the end of every single thing that she does is a failure. Why so? I aint questioning the fate given by Him, but i just wonder, is it because of myself, on how i deal with people, how i bring up myself to the public. Maybe yes, maybe it’s just a test from Allah. I dont know.

Basically, maybe people think im such an-always-mad-kinda-person but truthfully, i aint mad. Sometimes, im just pissed off of what ive been treated. Know the fact that im kinda emotional, so im not the type of a person who confronts everyone. But i will just a give a silent treatment cause i dont wanna let it to get worse. But little did i know, the key to every problem is communication. So why cant we talk and settle down everything ey? It’s like a hanging end. No one wants that. So do i. I just dont like to have a fight with people and not resolving it then when you accidentally meet them, you will feel super awkward and you will cringe and then you will make your resting bitch face then they will call you fake or mah whatever, you can predict by yourself.

So yea basically, what can i say is, im not a good person. Ive always caused a trouble with people, since i was in my primary school, perhaps. Yeah, with that bye see ya.

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